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A Tidy Home, A Tidy Mind

The West Midlands branch of A Tidy Mind is run by Victoria Trevor, local Warwickshire resident and business owner. Offering a bespoke range of services to help you declutter and organise your home and life, Victoria works collaboratively with folks in our local community to repurpose and restore your living space to suit your lifestyle.

Through her career in the probation service, she was able to support others in setting goals and improving their overall life quality. As research suggests, in order for us to work on our development and growth we must first find stability and safety in our environment, i.e our homes. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests our basic needs must be met before we are able to thrive; we cannot learn effectively if we are hungry, tired or stressed and we certainly cannot be productive if our space is cluttered, disorganised and creating chaos.

Victoria’s career supporting others towards achieving their own goals inspired her to begin working on her own. And with our home environment having such an impact on our overall well being, it seemed only natural for this Warwickshire entrepreneur to explore how she could support our local community with her services.

After discussions with the founder of A Tidy Mind, Kate Ibbotson, Victoria knew this would be a service Warwickshire residents would benefit from. Working hard to help you create a living environment that suits your needs, lifestyle and can help promote positive mental health and wellbeing, Victoria offers a range of services through A Tidy Mind – West Midlands to help you restore some balance in your home.

A Tidy Mind’s declutter service provides you with the support you need to declutter your space. She will help you to identify items you use and love and help you to let go of the clutter that you don’t need that is taking up valuable space in your home.

Whether it is to organise a wardrobe, paperwork or a whole home, A Tidy Mind West Midlands can support you with empathy and compassion whilst also giving you valuable advice to help you arrange your space to suit your lifestyle.

Joining the team of A Tidy Mind businesses set up across the UK, Victoria has been using her expertise to organise all kinds of spaces since May 2019. She offers services to support the moving process too; so, if you need assistance with organising your belongings to move home, making perfect use of the time to declutter, packing and unpacking, Victoria will offer a stress free service to make the move as smooth as possible.

On top of all the services offered by A Tidy Mind, Victoria ensures her customers are educated in conscious consumerism; how you can make use of the things you love and how to repurpose the things you no longer need or use. From finding new homes or new uses for your old things, the reduce/reuse/recycle revolution is celebrated with A Tidy Mind.

After gaining specified training from Hoarding Disorders UK, Victoria has developed an expert service for supporting people with hoarding issues. She offers an understanding, patient and kind approach when treating compulsive hoarding and can help you with any problem, no matter how big or small.

With us spending so much more time at home over the past year, it’s understandable that most of our living spaces have become cluttered with work stuff that wasn’t there before. Some of us have been scrambling for work space without a desk; sharing the dining table with the kids whilst they are home schooled is certainly a tough spot to get any real work done.

So, as the sun starts to shine and the kids are playing outdoors, we finally have the space to breathe and look at the chaos around us. If you are looking for assistance decluttering, reorganising to suit your new daily living situation or need advice on structuring your time and improving your productivity, Victoria can offer expert recommendations and support.

A Tidy Mind works not only on decluttering your space but also freeing up some valuable space in your brain. Organise your lifestyle and time to suit your needs and restore a balance in your health and wellbeing with Victoria’s range of services. Her Productivity and Time Management Coaching offers support for you to create healthy habits that assist you in managing your time and tasks, avoiding feeling overwhelmed. Starting from a one – off two hour consultation all the way through to a 12 hour Productivity Course package, Victoria will be able to provide expert tips and tricks to help organise your life.

Victoria told us how much she loves living and being in business in Warwickshire. Whilst she works solo, she is part of A Tidy Mind’s close network of entrepreneurs who work all over the UK. Building up some strong working connections has allowed this professional declutterer to work collaboratively with others and continue improving the services that are offered to her clients.

With membership to the Association of Professional Organisers and Declutters, Victoria is able to access a wealth of invaluable information and innovative ideas that can be passed onto her customers too. Expect creative and constructive advice and support from this business owner, always keeping things fresh and up to date with the latest systems and techniques.

Victoria told us “ I believe that everyone has the right to live in a home that works for them and not against them. One that reflects the best of them and their family. I help people achieve that and change their lives.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all your belongings, don’t know where to start in decluttering and organising your space, get in touch with A Tidy Mind West Midlands to find confidence and motivation that will aid you in living a more organised life.

During the pandemic, Victoria has been providing virtual support and coaching sessions online to support her customers to declutter and reorganise. But what does the future of A Tidy Mind look like? Well, Victoria has big plans to begin delivering workshops for her customers later this year, with in person groups expected to take place, as well as providing a range of organisational products and labels that you will be able to utilise in your everyday life.

To Find Out More about A Tidy Mind West Midlands and the services available, check out her website here.

You can also follow Victoria on Facebook and Instagram for lots of tips, tricks and inspiration!