Holding an event in Warwickshire?

List it on our local events calendar for Warwickshire to see!
If you would like to list your Warwickshire based event (whether it’s being held online or at a physical location) on our local events calendar then please complete the form below. We look forward to seeing what you have planned!

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What happens next?

Once submitted, your event will be placed in a queue to be reviewed by a member of our team. Only when the event information has been approved will it show on our live calendar. We aim to review events as quickly as possible, usually within 2 working days, however, if you do not see your event listed on our calendar after 5 working days then please email support@digitalbusinessbase.com

Please note that any events hosted outside of Warwickshire will not be approved and any online events hosted by organisations outside of Warwickshire will also be rejected. The Warwickshire Review reserves the right not to publish an event if they deem it unsuitable for the website.