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Charity Egg Box Boat Race set to bring smiles to pub-goers in Warwick and Leamington

Eggbox Boat Race

A charity egg box boat race is set to put a smile on the faces of pub-goers in Warwick and Leamington when it is revealed to the public online in the run-up to Christmas. 

The race, dubbed The Slaughterhouse Players Eggbox Boat Race and organised by the amateur dramatic group of the same name, will be revealed just before Christmas to raise money for charity and bring some much-needed cheer to pub punters across both towns.

The light-hearted event, organised by the Slaughterhouse Players, attracted entries from 12 local watering holes across Warwick and Leamington. Each of the pubs entered the race, which was run on a course in St John’s Brook in St Nicholas’ Park, Warwick.

Eggbox Boat Race

The humorous contest was filmed and has now been edited into a high-octane sporting film complete with commentary from Moto GP legend Steve Parrish, British Superbike Champion and team-mate to the late Barry Sheene, but its final results remain a secret.

The race video, which was edited by Warwickshire College student Luke Sloan, will be officially unveiled on Tuesday, 21st December at 7pm when the winner will be revealed –  and screened at the pubs and bars that entered – revealing the winner, who will walk away with £100. 

The event will raise money for the Myton Hospice following a request from a local publican, as well as to replenish the Slaughterhouse Players’ own funds so they can continue their fundraising commitments. 


It is also hoped to bring some cheer to pub-goers across the area and bring together the local community in something fun and entertaining in the latest comic caper from the Slaughterhouse Players.


The pubs involved in the race are:-

  • 7 Square Restaurant and Wine Bar, Warwick
  • The Old Coffee Tavern, Warwick
  • The Old Fourpenny Shop & Hotel, Warwick
  • Murphy’s Bar, Leamington Spa
  • The Nelson Pub, Warwick
  • The Old Post Office, Warwick
  • The Roebuck, Warwick
  • Ronnie’s Bar, Warwick
  • The Rose & Crown, Warwick
  • The Wild Boar (Slaughterhouse Brewery), Warwick
  • The Tilted Wig, Warwick 
  • The Woodland Tavern, Leamington Spa


Some will be screening the video when it is unveiled on December 21st and all are encouraging punters to check it out and cheer on their favourite watering hole in the race.

Chris ‘CJ’ Willsmore, founder of the Slaughterhouse Players, said: “The players have been supporting similar local charitable causes every year since we started, raising thousands of pounds by performing comic twists on other forgotten tales from local history.

“As well as raising money we aim to raise a few laughs – and I fervently believe the Great Egg Box Boat Race will put some long overdue smiles on the faces of Warwick and Leamington’s Covid weary pub-goers.”

The Slaughterhouse Players came into being 20 years ago in response to the needs of a local good cause, by writing and performing ‘The Warwick Play’ telling the story of England’s great, neglected hero, Guy of Warwick in pubs, halls and the Market Square. Since then it has continued to support local charitable causes through its performances.