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For some, leaving their beloved dogs at home during working hours is not an option. For Eleanor Higgs, this exact dilemma is what began her dream of opening Cody’s Creche; “I couldn’t find daycare or home boarding for our own dogs and I wanted to work from home. I have always loved dogs, so starting Cody’s Creche is a dream come true for me.”

Being in Warwickshire allows access to so many beautiful walks and places to take the dogs. Being a local born and bred in the area, Eleanor knows exactly how much the countryside has to offer. But Cody’s Creche is not a one man show. Eleanor inherited her love for animals from her mum, who now assists in the business and ensures that the pups all have plenty of cuddles and lap time when they at the creche.

Smaller dogs and toy breeds can sometimes be unnecessarily stressed out when they are placed in kennels for boarding. The creche helps to settle nervous pups, and their owners, with daily updates and pictures. Home visits can also be arranged for pups who battle to socialise or whose owners would prefer them to stay in their home environment. For those who are temporarily housed at Cody’s Creche, play time does not only mean walks in the countryside, but time in the ample 150ft garden. Of course, naptime is also essential for a balanced pup.

With pricing from £15 for a short day, owners who want to ensure that their dogs are having plenty of fun and being socialised in their absence, are queuing up to place their fur babies in Cody’s Creche. For Eleanor, this poses her only obstacle. “Because I want to ensure that each dog gets the individual attention and love they need when their owners aren’t around, I sometimes have to turn animals away. We only offer boarding for 3 dogs per day which means that sometimes owners unfortunately cannot make use of our services.” Fortunately, Cody’s creche has slots available on some days of the week which means that anyone with a flexible schedule is able to still make use of the service. Booking a space in time or making arrangements for home visits well in the future ensures that your animal will be looked after by Eleanor and her Mum.

The future is looking bright for Eleanor Higgs and Cody’s Creche. With plans to board regular dogs at specific slots every week and further expansion into other pet related services, we are excited to see what the remainder of this year brings. We do know with certainty that Eleanor’s catch phrase of “We Love Dogs” is without a doubt the truth when every pup is treated as royalty in her care.

For bookings, news and information, Eleanor can be contacted on 07970598674, via email at or on Cody’s Creche Facebook page, where Eleanor updates with content, availability and of course, the most adorable photos of the creche’s pooches. ​​