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Coventry & Warwickshire Mind


We know we’re not alone at the beginning of this article in having many personal thanks to make to Coventry and Warwickshire Mind (C&W Mind). Many of us struggle with our mental health, in fact, C&W Mind supported 27,390 people last year alone. So it is with great pleasure and personal reward that we can tell you about some of the wonderful ways in which C&W Mind support those in our community, providing guidance through some of the most difficult times we have ever faced.

Whether you struggle personally with your mental health or you know somebody who does, it can be tricky to find support and to understand what help is available. Coventry and Warwickshire Mind is a local community mental health charity that is affiliated with Mind, the leading mental health charity in the UK.

In the current world climate, it is of course expected that more of us will be struggling with our wellbeing and the need for support is increasing. Whilst social distancing is still very current in our communities, C&W Mind has adapted some of its services such as providing training courses online and reducing face to face support to a minimum. With these changes in place, they are able to reach out to those isolated and struggling but not all services are back up and running as they were. So, if you are interested in the services they have available, check out their website for regular updates.

Donations to Coventry and Warwickshire Mind will help to provide more support for those in our community who need it. Donations will help to facilitate projects like the new Warwickshire Safe Haven in Nuneaton, which provides support for anyone facing emotional difficulties over the telephone. C&W Mind is involved with the Community Adult Autism Support Service, Children and Young People’s Services, Intensive Recovery Support and IAPT services (to name just a few).

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind partner with the NHS to provide The Recovery Academy in Warwickshire. The Recovery Academy is run by the folks at C&W Mind where they facilitate workshops on Sleep Problems, Anxiety Management and they also partner up with other organisations to accommodate workshops such as The Environment and Me, which takes its participants out into nature. There is a whole host of courses available for you to enroll on and they are open to everyone, providing advice and guidance on all areas of wellbeing. Coventry and Warwickshire Mind provide a safe space for you to do your best to heal and grow from your own experiences in your own way. At the moment, only some of these courses are available and they can be done online.

If the idea of a workshop just isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Coventry and Warwickshire Mind work across the community, with wellbeing hubs to accommodate those who need a safe space to go or someone to talk to, allotment spaces, and supported accommodation. Personal 1:1 support is also offered to those who are under emotional distress and may need support to overcome personal challenges and build resilience. They will help you to set personal goals in your mental health journey and will encourage, advise, and support you to achieve them.

We are all unique and the way we react to our mental health can be just as unique. Coventry and Warwickshire Mind help us all to navigate that in our own way. Which is why we, The Warwickshire Review, have chosen C&W Mind as one of the 5 charities to benefit from our Warwickshire Summer 2020 Charity Raffle! We have over £1,000 worth of prizes to be won, and we’re aiming to raise a total of £5,000 so that we can donate £1,000 to each charity…so please donate as much as you possibly can to help us reach our target!

You can CLICK HERE to get your raffle tickets and enter for the chance to win one of 50 prizes, all whilst helping this wonderful charity continue to improve Warwickshire’s mental health.

Or if you would rather donate directly to Mind, you can do so here.