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DRM was started in 2014 by business owner and creative director, Bill Nichols. Bill, like most of us, has been personally affected by the obstacles thrown at him by life and as a result, he wanted to create a platform for young people in the community to end the stigma associated with mental health. DRM’s focal point is about reaching out for support and building an awareness for mental health issues.

Bill has created a clothing brand that puts the local community at the heart of everything; DRM is an expression of the fight against the hardships thrown our way and a personal revolution towards finding a better future for our community. Warwickshire born and bred, Bill is personally giving back to the people in his community and opening up the conversation about mental health.

DRM, standing for dream, is not just a clothing brand. This company puts its mission of raising awareness regarding mental health at the forefront of everything they do. Their social media page is not just about their new t-shirts, but it is a constant reminder to check in with your loved ones and an empowering platform with inspirational stories. They even have a blog filled with content around real people overcoming real life struggles, which acts as a showcase for those wishing to talk about their stories and a great place to discuss mental health in more detail.

Bill works as part of a team of four to make the dream of DRM come true; they celebrate each other’s unique talents and embrace each other’s stories regarding mental health. An inspiring group of individuals who have begun to create their own community and safe space for those affected by mental health issues. DRM have found themselves being embraced by customers and supporters alike and have found that most individuals have been personally touched by issues with mental health. As a result, DRM has grown into a supportive and unique platform in the Warwickshire region.​

You don’t just buy their t-shirts; you buy into their ethos and become a part of their honest and open community. We can’t imagine a more supportive, person-centered and forward-thinking business model.

Their current t-shirt products include their Minds Matter tee, which has been their best-selling product so far. Personally, we love this tee because it comes in rainbow coloured lettering, but we are sure their next collection will top even that. DRM’s autumn collection will be released in a few months and they’re hoping to utilise this time to host their first community event. We can’t wait for further announcements about this and are certain it will be event full of support, encouragement and a bucket load of self-care advice; all driven by starting the conversation around mental health.

This social enterprise is everything we love about a community-focused business. Not only has Bill developed a creative conscious space and an outlet for individuals to open up about their experiences with mental health, but he is also hoping to expand DRM’s reach through more than just clothing.