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Fine Line Gardens, ran by brothers Curt and Kieron, provides its customers with a personal service for their landscaping requirements. Curt and Kieron have recently recruited their other brother Mitchell as a partner in the business and they pride themselves on running a professional organisation that makes any gardening service an affordable option. They treat each garden, big or small, as their own and put love and care into every job.

Based in Rugby, and covering the surrounding areas of Warwickshire, Fine Line Gardens can offer a diverse range of services; from complete redesign and landscaping to providing low maintenance solutions for those too busy to look after their garden regularly. Fine Line Gardens like to ensure that they understand their customer’s lifestyle so they can design a practical garden that suits, whilst also ensuring it looks awesome.

​The brothers were born in the Rugby area, moved to South Wales as children but found that the friendly nature of the people in Warwickshire was worth moving back for. Fine Line Gardens has been up and running for three years now and these brothers have loved every minute. Alongside Kieron and Mitchell, Curt enjoys working outdoors, even in the winter months when they offer discounted services. Curt often recommends some tasks wait until the winter months to help their customers to save some money!

These garden loving brothers will ensure that their consultation is thorough; they like to find out about your life and what your expectations are for both the look of your garden and how much work you want to put in to maintaining it. From this consultation, they will collaborate with you to produce the garden of your dreams. So, if you want an immaculate looking garden with perfect borders full of colourful flowers, look no further. If you are looking for a haven for the local wildlife to enjoy, they can create that for you too at a cost-effective price.

They also make use of any waste taken from a job for their Pass On Plants service; any plants removed from a customer’s garden will be reused in another. We love this no waste idea and we think this sets them apart from the other gardening services available in Warwickshire.

Fine Line Gardens pride themselves on producing beautiful gardening solutions and ensuring all garden maintenance is done to a high standard. As a result, they don’t accept any payment until the customers are 100% happy with their work. We love this ethos of putting the customer’s needs first. As a result, they have had plenty of referrals where a neighbour has referred them to their neighbour and then the next, until they work on the whole street!

Always going the extra mile for their customers, if you use them once, we can guarantee you will use their services again. If you are interested in looking at the work they get up to, they love to update their followers on social media, and they are always happy to answer any questions you have. In the next year, the brothers are looking at expanding their vehicle fleet so they can work on multiple jobs at a time. We expect to see these three brothers producing beautiful gardens for years to come and we know you will agree that their attention to detail is second to none!