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Hybrid Therapy UK was set up in 2018 by holistic health lover, Tracy Richardson. After dealing with her own issues with pain and searching for a holistic service that takes all areas of her personal well-being into account, Tracy decided that this gap in the market around Warwickshire was a must and so, Hybrid Therapy UK was born.

Hybrid Therapy UK is located in the heart of Rugby and Tracy’s main aim for her practice is to help all her clients to find overall improvement of their health and well-being. Her holistic approaches allow individuals to unlock their full potential by utilizing some essential self-care techniques, alongside further therapies provided by Tracy. Tracy’s aim is to help heal both body and mind; so, whether you are suffering from acute pain or an ongoing health problem, Tracy will help you find the root of all of your symptoms and will work collaboratively with you to find long term solutions.

Tracy offers a wide variety of therapy options in order to find the best approach for each individual. Her therapy options include sports therapy, massage, craniosacral therapy and red light therapy, as well as many more offerings. Tracy is one of very few practitioners in the UK to provide ANF Therapy, which is a frequency-based method that works to restore your body’s function from within. This has become one of Tracy’s most popular treatment options due to its revolutionary techniques and results.

Alongside some of these treatment options, Tracy is passionate about providing her clients with advice on how they can manage their own health and wellness. She offers the opportunity to subscribe to her newsletter which provides educational advice and information on all things holistic health. Tracy also offers free advice on her website for some basic techniques to incorporate into your daily living, with the goal of helping individuals to learn effective methods for self-care.

Living in Rugby herself, Tracy takes advantage of Warwickshire’s landscape and always recommends that her clients get out and explore the surrounding area; the physical activity of walking, alongside the positives for mental well-being of being out in nature and the fresh air can be very powerful. Working independently, Tracy manages all aspects of her business whilst also embracing every client’s needs as if they were family. If you become one of Tracy’s clients, you will quickly find yourself a new member of the family; she has a passion for caring for others which is evident in all the work she does.

Tracy also offers her clients the opportunity to take part in a 45-minute class, called Equilibrium. Equilibrium provides individuals with the opportunity to incorporate Pilates, mindfulness, meditation, and movement flow into their health and well-being journey. This 45-minute class, created by Tracy, is another option to help her clients in rebalancing and finding their inner calm, which emphasizes the importance of mental well-being as well as physical well-being. Tracy believes that we are a sum of all of our parts; therefore, it is essential that we take care of every part of ourselves in order to function to our full potential.