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For twenty-one years, Leigh McLellan has been teaching Hatha Yoga, including 14 years in Rugby, Warwickshire. Operating out of three local venues: St.George’s Church Hall – Hillmorton, Overslade Community Centre and Cawston Community Hall, Inner Peace Hatha Yoga is able to offer classes from gentle to rigorous that fit into most people’s schedules. From working mums to fitness fanatics, to people who have never done any kind of movement classes, Inner Peace Hatha Yoga offers options for all.

Leigh has practiced Hatha Yoga her entire adult life. After moving to Warwickshire from Edinburgh, she decided to share her knowledge and passion for Hatha Yoga with other locals. Leigh is absolutely hooked on the positive benefits yoga has on her mind and body and this is evident in her passion for her business. Inner Peace Hatha Yoga is 100% ran, owned, instructed and managed by Leigh. Leigh describes Hatha Yoga as wonderfully adaptable, with practices to suit all ages and levels of fitness. Leigh is also the only local yoga teacher qualified to teach Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, which is a gentle, effective, evidenced-based 12 week course aimed at people with chronic or recurring back pain. Many YHLB students have come to the course with pain from bulging discs, facet joint problems, years of poor posture or after spinal surgery. Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB) empowers people to help themselves to improved comfort, health and well-being for now and the future.

When speaking to Leigh, her passion for not only teaching people Hatha Yoga but for meeting new people and assisting them in changing their lives is evident. She previously taught eight years of Birthlight pregnancy yoga locally, helping women to feel informed and empowered about their labour and birth. Leigh was also the first yoga instructor to bring yoga on to the old Old Ken Marriott Leisure Centre timetable. But that was over a decade ago and Leigh’s focus is on the present and on her business’s future plans.

Leigh’s future plans for her business resonate with her love for yoga and for encouraging others to experience the enhanced sense of wellbeing felt after yoga practice. She continues to promote yoga to new people and teach them the many mental and physical benefits of Hatha Yoga. When asked what makes her business unique, Leigh’s response was, “My love of yoga, the way it makes you feel. Years of teaching people in all kinds of bodies and with all kinds of life experiences. The various practices for the body and the mind. practised consistently and persistently, creates a sense of wellbeing, that inner bliss. I teach people the physical postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama), sound practices (mantra) and guided relaxation (yoga nidra) that enable them to cope better with the stresses and strains of daily life and to have more ease with their minds and bodies. In our modern times, we all need Hatha Yoga in our lives. It’s real gift to do such satisfying work.” With Leigh’s students saying that her classes are inspiring, welcoming and helpful, we are sure she is well on her way to fulfilling those future plans.

The main selling point is Leigh’s passion for what she does. She loves to share her passion and knowledge in order to enrich the lives of her yoga students. If you are looking for a truly inspiring Hatha Yoga Instructor that lives her principles, has a vast amount of yoga experience, in the Warwickshire area, then Inner Peace Hatha Yoga is definitely your first port of call. Be sure to check Inner Peace Hatha Yoga’s Facebook page or her website which Leigh regularly updates with news, interesting content, and updates on upcoming classes at her three venues. She is accepting enrolments now for ad hoc summer and weekly autumn classes.