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When Jez Parsons started Jaibrail in 2016, he was acting on a New Year resolution as a thirteen year old.  The company began with stickers at 10p to gain interest in the brand name. Quickly, the brand grew, offering jumpers, t-shirts and bags initially. Jez, over the last three years, realised that the youth were slowly dwindling in motivation and creativity because of the often chaotic society their generation live in. Because of this, he had a vision, one in which he could let the youth know that it was still possible for them to “Get Out Be Free.”

Being only thirteen, Rugby was inevitably the starting point for his venture and with the sense of community in the area, Jez knew that they would turn into his loyal customers. His confidence in the population of Warwickshire paid off, with people of all backgrounds banding together to promote and support his dream of a successful business. It wasn’t long before Jailbrail expanded. Being tech savvy, Jez has ensured that his brand is up there with the best in terms of visual merchandising. With a team of photographers, digital illustrators, athletes and ambassadors now joining the ranks of Jailbrail, Jez hopes to continue to grow his brand on a global scale. Currently, ambassadors are sporting Jailbrail merchandise in Spain, Brazil, the USA and the UK but will be expanding their reach in the very near future.

Now, at sixteen years old, Jez certainly does have the right vision for the future of the world’s youth, and he intends on following it with the same motivation he instills in the young individuals he tries to inspire. Creativity has always been at the core of Jailbrail and currently, their multipurpose fashion bags are top sellers. But being a sixteen year old business owner does come with its challenges; a younger demographic and negative resistance from the older generation can sometimes make it difficult for Jez to drown out the negative noise and focus on his vision. Jez counteracts this negativity by ensuring that he always at the cold face of his business. His clients’ are able to actually meet and talk to the CEO of Jailbrail, where he always chooses to inspire and interact with the youth of today.

​Within the next six months Jez plans on clearing out the business’s stock while strategising for new content and brand awareness. Global expansion is obviously a priority because he hopes to be able to get his message out to as many young people as possible that they do not have to be contained by societal norms. Within the UK, Jailbrail has hopes to get the message out to more people, not just through their merchandise but through actually speaking to their customers.

In the meantime, Jailbrail can be found on Facebook, Instagram or their website which can be found below. Alternatively, if you wish to contact Jez directly, he can be reached on 07845022139. With such a positive message in mind, and being driven by an inspirational youth, we foresee only the brightest future for Jailbrail and For the Youth.  ​​​

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