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Jas K Bakes – Cake, Bake, Decorate!


We at The Warwickshire Review love celebrating small, independently run businesses based here in Warwickshire and with the current pandemic affecting all areas of life, there has been a crippling strain on many businesses of all sizes across our beloved county. So, as the children head back to school and the first signs of Autumn 2020 begin to show, it brings us great pleasure that we get to talk about a new business and its owner.

Jas K Bakes is still very much in its infancy. Many of us used our time in this lockdown to pick up new hobbies or finally get stuck back into those old projects that we never found the time to complete.

In June of this difficult year, Jas Kang-Bansal made her Dad proud by turning her dreams into a reality as she became the owner and keen baker behind Jas K Bakes. Running her business by herself from her family home in Rugby, Jas hopes the future of her baked goods looks as sweet as it tastes and hopes to one day soon expand enough to hire a few extra pairs of hands!

“I’ve always been a keen baker and during lockdown, I found I had the time to set out my future goals and aspirations. I love the creative aspects of baking and believe it’s an Art in a different form. As a young child, my father would encourage me to explore my interests and start a baking business. So I got married and had my 2 boys and now it’s my time to set some routes.  Plus cakes make everything better”….we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

We are so pleased we can celebrate the creation of something so beautiful from these unprecedented times. Creation is an appropriate word here too, as each of Jas’s treats really are an artistic masterpiece! We are especially fond of her signature product, Cakesicles; these adorable cakes look almost too good to eat and come in a variety of flavours, colours and bespoke designs. The care and attention to detail with each bake shows Jas’ love and dedication for creating. Jas said: “I will always go the extra mile to ensure each order that goes out is near enough perfect.  I always pay attention to the smaller detail and try to personalise each bake as per the customer’s request”.

Jas also takes requests for occasion cakes that are available all year round and cater to every occasion you can think of…New year, Easter, Mother Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Marriage, New Baby…and just about anything else you can think of!

Check out some of the beautiful, contemporary designs Jas has created for her customers so far on social media. You will find some of her most popular products, such as her brownies and sugar cookies, all of which look drool-worthy and will leave you scrambling around your home looking for something sweet! But it”s clear to see from Jas’s repeat customer base, there is nothing else quite like her bakes, so if you want to satisfy that craving then you better place an order now.

With the simplicity of a love for baking and creating at the heart of this young business, Jas K Bakes will be embraced by many in Warwickshire as this baking Queen continues growing her customer base and expanding her product offering. We hope you will join us in welcoming Jas K Bakes into our beautiful community of independent businesses that make our little part of the world a bit more special.

Follow Jas K Bakes on Facebook & Instagram for drool-worthy snaps and inspiration for your next celebration! Want to place an order? Send Jas a message via social media or give her a call 07976 235368


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