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Warwickshire native, Jill Drew founded her physiotherapy practice in 2003 after working for twenty years in the NHS. In order to allow her to spend more time with her patients and to be able to accommodate flexible appointments for both her and her clientele, Jill decided to go into private practice.

Having been born, bred and educated in Warwickshire, opening her practice as a local seemed to be the most logical approach. Partnering closely with her husband, who is an orthopaedic surgeon, and networking with some of the best practitioners in physiotherapy sports therapy, podiatry, yoga and personal training means that Jill offers a holistic approach to physiotherapy and recovery.

Choosing to specialise in the treatment of the upper limb and spine, Jill combines physiotherapy with acupuncture and Pilates, offering a unique flair of traditional treatments. Perhaps the most unique aspect of her business is the workstation assessments, which can be arranged for those employed from home or for small businesses. Jill prides herself in being a Quality Assured practitioner who takes part in a national research project called Data for Impact (DFI). This has been awarded to her practice by Physio First, their trade association. What this means is that the outcomes of all treatments are audited, validated and bench-marked by the University of Brighton. To date, Jill is one of only a small handful of QAP in the Warwickshire area.

Although the practice focuses on all aspects of physiotherapy and physical recovery, Jill is renowned for her treatment of shoulder pain and assisting in a patient’s recovery after shoulder surgery. Patient age is not restricted either. With a patient base of as young as ten, Jill focuses on ensuring her patients have an extensive and thorough approach to recovery, hopefully, ensuring that they do not have to return to the practice for the same injury.

With private medical insurance companies driving fees downward, the practice has not lost sight of the fact that it’ primary clientele are self-pay customers. Because of this, Jill ensures that her level of service, innovation in technology and holistic approach to healing keep her in demand and ensures she is providing the best possible service.

With a premises move imminent, the business has not lost focus on its future plans. Ensuring world-class treatment in a caring, compassionate and effective environment while also being mindful of the fact that most patients are paying for the service. Knowing that there are always new kids on the block means that Jill never compromises on her quality of care and always strives to stay ahead of the trends while being innovative in her approach to physical treatment.

When asked why she thinks her clients recommend her services and, when necessary, come back to her, Jill replied; “I think they (the patients), come back because they trust my opinion and value my expertise.” We would have to agree.

Phone: 07792 570293