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Life Coaching For Growth & Well-Being


If we take the current global pandemic out of the scenario, modern life is still full of plenty of stressors. Coping with stress and hardships can leave a great weight upon our shoulders and can severely limit our ability to cope with the pressures that life creates.

Rachel Baker recognised this and wanted to help the people in her local community find new ways to navigate life and all that it throws at us. And so, in July 2019 Acorn Academy Coaching was born.

Acorn Academy Coaching is run solely by Rachel, who provides a relaxed and down to earth approach to life and wellbeing coaching. Her clients often praise her sessions for being incredibly effective at helping them to find peace and relaxation from their worries, which we all need right about now!

Rachel helps people from all walks of life to find relief from their daily stresses and she provides a variety of services. She is particularly passionate about providing support for people who have experienced trauma in their life, and who are looking to move on from that severely stressful phase of their life….something that is almost impossible to achieve on your own, without the support of a professional.

From phobias and trauma to stress caused by the grind of daily life, Rachel is here to help! Based in Leamington Spa, she offers a range of different services including wellbeing coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping).

By combining these services and her skills together, she can offer her clients a unique calming experience and an opportunity to work through the many hurdles that come their way.

Before the beginning of the global pandemic, Rachel’s incredible sessions were growing in popularity, with those who attended spreading the word to others who could benefit from her supportive sessions. 

Whilst the climate for businesses is uncertain at the moment, Acorn Academy Coaching has moved online. Rachel has utilised the popular Zoom software to facilitate workshops, to continue 1-2-1 sessions and access to her Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. At present, Acorn Academy Coaching serves people mainly in the form of individual sessions; however, it is Rachel’s goal to grow into regular workshops that allow more people at a time to benefit from her sessions!

She hopes that people will then be able to attend at their leisure and take away the skills and knowledge that they need to be able to find comfort and relief in their own lives. She also hopes to be able to increase the number of people that she can serve with her personalized, one to one sessions.

Honest insightful coaching—that is what is offered by Rachel at Acorn Academy Coaching. She strives to help every one of her clients find relief from their stresses, past and recent trauma through a series of innovative and soothing coaching techniques.

We can’t wait to learn more about Rachel’s contributions to our community as she continues offering this exceptionally important service. For more information about Rachel and how she could help you, visit her website or connect with her on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.