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Magic Alley’s very own criminologist presents: A Mummified Murder

Visitors to Stratford are being invited to channel their inner detective by solving the modern-day mysteries of A Mummified Murder in The Mystical Museum of Mythology!

In this latest Magic Alley experience, Head of Events Dr Sam Jenkins, is inviting people into a world she knows only too well as she brings her background as a criminal barrister to bear!

A Mummified Murder challenges people to unravel a shocking tale where history meets mystery, as a freshly delivered mummy, destined for the grand unveiling of the new Egyptian exhibit, reveals a chilling secret – the body entombed within is no ancient relic but a victim of a crime committed just two weeks ago!

Magic Alley, Stratford

The epic adventure is perfect for detective enthusiasts of all ages, from older children to adults. In this interactive journey through time and legend, would-be sleuths of all ages are invited to navigate a labyrinth of puzzles and riddles strewn across ten mesmerizing rooms, including the halls of Camelot, the lost city of Atlantis, a prehistoric palaeontology exhibit and a mysterious poison garden.

But the intrigue doesn’t end there, with the chance to venture into the enchanted forest for an excavation that promises to unearth the final pieces of this perplexing puzzle.

“A Mummified Murder is a chance to try your hand at solving a murder,” said Dr Jenkins, who is herself a qualified criminologist and former criminal barrister of several years.

“As a criminologist myself these events are a lot of fun to write and are quite unique in Stratford. We are excited to offer something different that involves channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes to solve puzzles and riddles and eliminate suspects while learning about the ancient world.”

Magic Alley, Stratford

A Mummified Murder is suitable for adults and older children with a minimum age requirement of 6.

Magic Alley is fully accessible and has a lift to the first floor available. Although the rest of the attraction is fully accessible the excavation element may be more difficult for wheelchair users due to it taking place at ground level.

Everyone who successfully completes the quest will receive a prize and a certificate.

The event runs from Saturday 4th May to June 23rd.

Tickets can be booked here and pre booking is advised for weekends and school holidays.