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Miss Esther Photography is owned and run by Harriet Davidson. We have been able to catch up with her to talk about all things business; from what drove her to set up her own company through to the ins and outs of what it is like being a business owner. During the winter of 2017, Harriet set about investing in her first stock for her Etsy shop and come the New Year, Miss Esther Photography was born.

After completing a photography project on still life images of floral arrangements, her loved ones encouraged her to use her skills to make eclectic gift cards and prints. From her own love of receiving unique and special cards through the letterbox, Harriet knew she wanted to be a part of this side of the stationery industry and be able to provide others with the same experience of receiving beautiful post.

Harriet’s passion for capturing beautiful objects and images is clear in the way she talks about her business and the products she produces. We are absolutely in love with her unique style and the detail orientated approach to her print work. All her products for sale on her Etsy shop are a true celebration of capturing the beauty in everything.

Whilst Harriet’s business is ran primarily by her, (as she plays the role of photographer, customer service team and dispatch team) she does also work closely with some printers to get the best quality prints that make the most of her wonderful photography skills. Residing in Coventry, Harriet has been welcomed into the independent business community with open arms as she navigates the world of running your own company.

Harriet has not found the whole process easy; as all of us business owners know, starting out can be daunting. Harriet loves that technology allows her to connect with customers across the world, but she is also aware of the flooded market for unique and handmade products online. This can make starting out a terrifying task, but this business savvy photographer has managed to overcome those initial fears!

Coventry provides a wonderfully supportive community and is always keen to celebrate independent business owners, with plenty of events to provide this amazing photographer places to network and be involved in her community. Since exploring Warwickshire’s business community, you will often find Harriet at plenty of fairs and other events getting involved and selling her vibrant products.

Harriet’s business’ by-line reads “For People Worth More Than A Text”. We love her company’s ethos for celebrating the beautiful and sharing it too. Her cards are not designed for specific occasions but allow her customers to choose something they love to share with someone special. You will not find a card on her Etsy Shop with a ‘Happy Birthday’ and some generic balloons; this company is all about creating cards that are completely unique and special. So, instead of picking up a standard card from your local supermarket, find one in Harriet’s Etsy shop that screams beauty and makes you want to share it with someone who will appreciate it. Oh, and don’t forget to write all those kind words inside too.

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