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Napton Cidery – Craft Cider


Neither did we, but with cider mills like Napton Cidery on our doorstep, it doesn’t come as much surprise. Charlotte and Jolyon Olivier started making cider for their friends and family from the apple tree in their own back garden back in 2014. It didn’t take them long to discover that their delicious hobby was something they were born to do. Both being big lovers of the outdoors and everything nature has to provide for us, turning their tasty hobby into a well-running family business only took them a year. Now, that family business has utilised crowdfunding opportunities and built investment links to continue doing what they love most.

In 2015, the sole purpose of setting up Napton Cidery was to make use of their passion for cider making and to utilise the unwanted apples from their village and local orchards. As business has grown, sustainability has still been a key factor for their business, and now, Napton Cidery sources their apples from small orchards across the UK to support British farming.

From pressing 2000 litres in 2015, Napton Cidery has expanded in five years to pressing over 90,000 litres! If you ever considered giving up your day job to follow your passion, this will definitely reignite that flame. Charlotte and Jolyon have managed to attract many holidaymakers to their farm in Southam to enjoy the fruits of their labour, facilitating tours and parties for their guests. With time to spare during the current Covid-19 emergency, Charlotte and Jolyon Olivier have taken the opportunity to refurbish their Cidery as well as preparing for the re-opening of their taproom. With the ever-growing popularity of craft cider, the owners hope to provide an environment for those enthusiasts to learn more about cider in their shop.

We could talk about the owners all day, but we must mention the delicious drinks they produce too. Napton Farm’s cider is made with wild yeast and is fermented slowly. Charlotte and Jolyon embrace the natural process of making cider and make use of unsprayed apples to ensure a quality finished product. Well known for their Dry No3 Cider, Napton Cidery’s branding is bold and playful with a variety of different characters on the bottle labels. Not only do they taste great, but they make an attractive gift for your cider loving friends.

As measures relax and tighten during the current world climate, take time to buy from your local business owners like Napton Cidery. If you fancy trying a whiskey cask cider (I know I do), then check out their website to see what is in stock. You can follow their blog and read more about their story too. We are sure that once you’ve tried one of their sparkling ciders on a sticky summer’s day, you’ll be booking a trip to their taproom when you can. We hope to raise a glass with you there soon, friends. But if you can’t wait until then, and fancy winning 3 bottles to try for free, then why not entre Warwickshire’s Summer 2020 Charity Raffle! Donate just £5 for 10 chances to win a pack of 3 Napton Ciders and 49 other prizes. All proceeds go to 5 local charities! And who knows, you could be sipping a free bottle of Napton cider in your garden this time next month!