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Jonathan Chapman set up Pooch Patrol in August of last year with the intention to provide a unique and friendly service to dog sitting and walking. He has always been the go-to person for his loved ones when it comes to pet sitting or dog walking, and he has also been a passionate volunteer at The Dogs Trust in Kenilworth. After a few of his loved ones suggested he start his own pet service, Pooch Patrol was born.

Pooch Patrol provides a personalised pet service in and around Rugby. Jonathan loves the vast options in the Warwickshire countryside for walking dogs, and especially loves the nature reserve in Brownsover for adventuring with man’s best friend.

As a first-time business owner, Jonathan has been navigating the world of business with the support of a mentor from the organisation NEA. This has allowed him to focus his attention on the needs of his customers and their owners whilst also learning the ins and outs of running your own business.

Whilst Jonathan is responsible for all areas of his organisation, he does often seek advice from his loved ones and friends. He gets support from his friends who own pets and seeks advice on his ideas. As a result, he has been able to create a unique offering for his clients which not many pet services provide. Such as, his wedding package; which offers a pet sitting service for those who want their dog or cat to be in the photos on their wedding day.

Jonathan also provides his clients with a loyalty reward scheme, named Paw Reward. Being passionate about pets and having the insight from his friends who are pet owners, Jonathan has been able to create a person-centred package that considers the expense that pet services can be, whilst also being all about the dogs and cats. Pooch Patrol offers pet sitting services, walking and pet drop ins; all lovingly and reliably provided by Jonathan.

Jonathan’s passion for every breed of dog is his biggest unique selling point; he provides a personal touch to every service he offers and has received training through his volunteer work, which makes him the perfect guy to befriend your pet. Pooch Patrol’s future will include training and enrichment programmes, which will be taught by Jonathan himself.

We all know that dogs are the best judge of character and you can be sure that your canine friend will be best mates with Jonathan in no time. He makes sure their walks and any pet sitting is fun and interactive for your dog, whilst also maintaining a kind and loving approach. Jonathan has a no harm policy for his business; he focuses on building positive reinforcement techniques in training and believes that dogs will be happier and more obedient through developing a loving and respectful relationship with them.

We certainly would be happy to trust Jonathan to take our dogs out exploring. You can guarantee your dog will come back happy and worn out, while your specific needs for your pet are fulfilled. Pooch Patrol is built on kindness and a passion for the well-being of animals, and Jonathan’s warm nature is a true asset to Warwickshire’s pet services.