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Proper Portions of Mouthwatering Sweet Treats

Lover of all things sweet and delicious, Katie Keates founded The Real Cake Company back in March of last year, just three short weeks before our first lockdown was announced.

After spending many years behind a desk, Katie decided to move into the kitchen and start creating delicious desserts for her local community. She’s pretty serious about her cakes but doesn’t take herself too seriously. Based in Atherstone and being a Warwickshire resident for almost five years, this baker loves being able to work from home juggling work life and family life around her two daughters.

But it was never going to be a piece of cake setting up at the beginning of a pandemic. Three weeks after launching The Real Cake Company, our first lockdown was announced in the UK, which meant Katie had to ensure her deliveries and operations were fully Covid compliant whilst also trying to build her customer base. Starting steady, but throwing all her passion into the mixing bowl, she’s been able to grow a strong customer base in her first year of business. And she has big plans for the future as our community continues to reopen.

Katie’s cakes come in real portion sizes; big, mouthwatering, scrumptious and sweet. Just how we like them. She told us all about her love for baking and how at the heart of this company is her love for feeding people. Being able to connect with others over the dinner table, she adores being able to serve up proper portions of indulgent and delicious grub and seeing a person’s joy and satisfaction when they are full of mouthwatering food. The Real Cake Company showcases decadent flavours and proper portions so expect big, tasty and indulgent treats from Katie.

After taking a few weeks off for maternity leave and welcoming her new baby girl into the world, Katie is back in full swing creating delicious treats for you to fill up on. Alway baking up new sweet treats, she recently released her Cocktail Cake Box; with Pimms, Strawberry Prosecco and G&T flavours. Get in touch with Katie to order yours, a perfect accompaniment to all those catch-ups we’ve got planned with loved ones over the summer!

You can get your hands on a range of scrumptious desserts from The Real Cake Company, which you can collect or can be delivered to you across Warwickshire and parts of the West Midlands, including boxes of gooey brownies, cupcakes, celebration cakes and treat boxes. Katie is the chief creator and baker of all the sweet treats on offer but she is supported through each bake by her husband, top taste tester and floor sweeper and her ruthlessly honest toddler; she’s the quality control, making sure everything looks just as delicious as it tastes. Katie told us “her honesty is invaluable!”

We’re so glad this mum of two has such an awesome team helping her to create perfect homemade cakes for her customers. She works closely with each customer on bespoke orders to ensure they get exactly what they have in mind; delicious and beautiful birthday cakes, wedding and celebration cakes and more, created by a passionate baker.

As well as working on bespoke cake orders for celebrations, Katie also offers a range of other delicious goodies that are popular with her customers including her treat boxes. The Real Cake Company Treat boxes come in a wide variety of flavours and cake options. You can choose brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, traybakes and rocky road: all in a range of delicious flavours, as well as Gluten-Free and Vegan options to choose from!

Check out Katie’s website to see what she has on offer as she continues to develop new flavours for her menu. If you’ve got some alternative flavour suggestions too, she is always flexible and willing to get creative with your ideas.

Get your hands on some of Katie’s handmade bakes each month with her brownie subscription box. Receive a box of 12 delicious brownies right to your door. You can choose from a variety of flavours or leave it up to Katie to surprise you; we highly recommend the salted caramel flavour which is gooey, sticky and indulgent!

We asked what the next twelve months looks like for The Real Cake Company and Katie couldn’t wait to tell us all her big plans for the next couple of years! She expressed her excitement to start getting out again, attending local fairs and craft markets and meeting plenty of new people. She plans to start developing some wholesale business with local cafes across Warwickshire. So, keep your eyes peeled for some hefty pieces of delicious cake in your local coffee shop.

Katie also has awesome plans for the next few years, with the hope she can open up her own base; providing you with a perfect spot to enjoy some scrumptious sweet treats and meet the baker behind the brand. 

We know her love for feeding people will be in full force, offering up big portions of goodies to her customers and a place for families and young children in Warwickshire to come and relax.

We can’t wait to watch this baker continue growing her business and feeding our community with delicious treats. To check out Katie’s creations and keep updated on what this passionate baker is up to next, head to her Instagram and Facebook or to order one of her delicious homemade bakes, go to her website for more information.

Written by Heather