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There are so many elderly and vulnerable people are out there who are too proud or too embarrassed to ask for help, for example, when they’re running out of food, experiencing loneliness or need their medication collecting. Some people don’t have family or friends they can rely on to run errands or have a chat with, so instead of reaching out, they suffer in silence. Could one of those people be your neighbour!

These are difficult times we face and we all need to pull together as a community and help each other, especially those in need. Even if that means just picking up an extra pint of milk for someone whilst you do your own shopping, that could make someone’s worries for that day vanish into thin air!

Not sure how to reach out to offer help? Download one of our ‘Happy To Help’ slips. Download the design variation you prefer by clicking the image. Then print it off by clicking the ‘print’ icon in the top right corner. Once printed, fill it out with your name, address and phone number, and pop it through their letterbox. They now have the comfort of knowing there is a kind person nearby who is thinking of them and wants to help.

CLICK HERE to download and a PDF of all the different variations of our help slips or download an individual version by clicking on the image below…..