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Salt & Pepper’s Present Molly Olly’s Wishes Charity With £548


A HUNGRY community in lockdown has helped a Hatton Park business raise hundreds of pounds for a charity close to home. Salt and Pepper’s presented charity neighbours Molly Olly’s Wishes with £548 – it’s first in a series of donations this year to local good causes.

The charity was established in 2011 following the death of Rachel and Tim Ollerenshaw’s eight-year-old daughter Molly from a rare kidney cancer and grants wishes, donates therapeutic toys and books to both children directly and to hospitals throughout the UK.

Its mascot is a therapeutic toy lion called Olly The Brave who has his own Hickman line and a detachable mane which helps to explain and normalise the effects of chemotherapy. These form part of an Olly The Brave pack that has now been handed out to more than 40 hospitals, along with a book from the charity’s exclusive Olly The Brave series. But the charity has been forced to find new ways of fundraising to compensate for lost proceeds throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the cancellation of all its planned fundraising events, amounting to a forecast loss of £250,000 the charity failed to qualify for any cash grants.

Rachel Ollerenshaw said: “Molly Olly’s Wishes want to thank Ess, Parmy and all their customers for their support. The pizzas are clearly a big hit on Hatton Park and in the wider community. The money raised is very gratefully received. These donations are vital to help Molly Olly’s continue our work supporting families. We have received so many wishes recently of things such as essentials like cots, beds, prams to electronic devices, climbing frames, and swings. All of these items may not seem that important but to a child who is seriously ill spending long periods in hospital or who cannot go out as they have a weakened immune system, these gifts can make a huge difference. A big thanks from Molly Olly’s.”

Parmy said: “We’ve had so much local support and help from the Hatton Park community so giving something back was always important to us and part of our business plan. Molly Olly’s had to be the first charity we supported, we were so touched when we found out about the amazing work they do and it’s certainly a cause we’ll support again.”

Ess Sangha and Parmy Dhillon who run Salt and Pepper’s, have pledged to continue their support of local charities through their culinary efforts. Salt and Pepper’s provide hand-made pizza, fried chicken, sides, drinks, and desserts with free delivery service throughout Warwick on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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Written by Amanda Chalmers