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Shelle’s Chic, based at Green’s Home and Garden in Coventry, was first set up by Michelle Perry in July 2016. Michelle has always had a love for painting old and used furniture because she could never find what she was looking for in any high street shops and if she did, it was always too pricey. Michelle started buying her furniture second hand and began on her journey through upcycling using beautiful designs and plenty of chalk paint.

After moving to Nuneaton in 2015, Michelle decided to set up her local business, making the most of her passion for upcycling furniture. Shelle’s Chic has given Michelle her creative outlet where she can work with a diverse range of individuals to create something beautiful.

Michelle especially loves being a business owner in Warwickshire. She finds there is plenty going on and lots of opportunities for individuals to set up their own business. Warwickshire and its many eclectic independent business owners inspires Michelle and motivates her to keep doing what she loves. With ample opportunities to celebrate the diversity of creatives available in Warwickshire, Michelle feels right at home.

Michelle is the sole owner of Shelle’s Chic and is responsible for all areas of the business. She loves to offer an honest and reliable service, with her customer service always going above and beyond. If you go to Shelle’s Chic as a customer, you won’t just come out with some beautiful upcycled furniture, but you will also leave with a new friend. Not only is her creative upcycled furniture a selling point, but Michelle’s warm and kind presence is another element that makes this independent business special. Michelle believes that a warm welcome and a helpful attitude will take you far, as well as costing you nothing; we love this ethos which puts the customer experience at the heart of everything.

As a result of Michelle’s exceptional customer service, she finds most of her work comes from referrals and repeat business. As well as building a community of customers, Michelle also works on a lot of furniture commissions. She provides upcycling to her customer’s already owned furniture, allowing them to take away something completely unique. Michelle wants to expand her business in to producing more commissions, to provide individuals with something special that suits their taste and their home.

Michelle celebrates the old and used and encourages her customers to refresh furniture that they already own; a personal rebellion against the consumer society we live in. We love Michelle’s passion for producing less waste and bringing out the beauty in the old and used.

Word of mouth has been a valuable asset to Michelle’s organic growth of her business, alongside the use of social media to spread awareness of her services. You are sure to come away from working with Michelle with colourful and creative designs for your home furniture. We can’t wait to see what Shelle’s Chic produces in the future, as Michelle spreads her message of her own personal reuse revolution!

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