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A Coventry Born & Bred Resident Creates Magic With Dining Experiences To Remember


Founder of Simply Graze and mum of two, Sharan, has spent her life in Coventry, so naturally it made sense to grow her gourmet grazing company in her home town. Giving back to the foodie community in Warwickshire, Sharan’s venture showcases some of the most beautifully catered grazing platters and tables we have ever seen.

Sharan’s love for food shines through in all her delicately prepared grazing products. Meticulous attention to detail and tonnes of passion goes into creating beautiful displays which have been carefully selected by this food lover.

During lockdown, Sharan found herself creating bespoke platters for loved ones who wanted something special for their birthday, given the circumstances. Watching loved ones enjoy her creations inspired her to form Simply Graze in July of this year, She describes Simply Graze as her passion project and we have to agree, we are pretty passionate about her products too!

With the support of her loving family, who often get the pleasure of testing out the latest creations, Sharan aims to provide tailor-made grazing options that suit dietary needs and preferences. Some of her previous orders have included vegan and nut-free boxes, as well as options for children’s parties. Each of these beautifully designed boxes, cones, platters, and tables incorporate an abundance of wonderful grazing foods including fruits, vegetables, savoury snacks and sweet treats.

The best thing about Sharan’s products? Grazing introduces a dining experience that is suitable for all ages and encourages families to try new foods together whether they are sitting around the table or on a picnic mat. So. whatever your preference, Simply Graze will be able to create something pretty spectacular for you to sink your teeth into.

Most popular on Sharan’s menu is the Signature Box, created for adults with a savoury palette. It is an ideal option for those who like a little bit of everything or those who are new to the concept of grazing. Sharan has also catered many children’s parties and lunches, producing wonderful options for picnics with kid-friendly goodies. Our personal favourites are the newly released grazing cones. In response to the recent restrictions, Sharan has adapted her product range to cater for whatever circumstances the pandemic brings. Not only are these cones aesthetically pleasing, but they contain a range of food perfect for individual snacking.

This business may be in its infancy, however, the speed at which Simply Graze has managed to grow within Warwickshire so far has been surprising but incredible for Sharan and her family. Whilst she navigates managing a new business and all that it entails, Sharan looks forward to the events and functions she will be catering in the future. This food lover will be creating new products to share with the foodie community as the next year unfolds, as well as looking at producing beautiful setups for weddings and other events.

So, as things remain uncertain in these difficult times, we continue cheering on the outstanding efforts of new and existing business owners in our area. We can’t wait to see what delicious creations Simply Graze release for the upcoming seasonal festivities!

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