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Soft furnishings by MickieMickie Fenwick Wilson has been working in the soft furnishings industry for more than 20 years. As a lover of needlework, which she learnt in school, Mickie decided to open her own business in Rugby over ten years ago. She has always enjoyed sewing and creating beautiful soft furnishings, and after raising two children she wanted to pursue her dream of running her own soft furnishings business.​
Opening her first shop in Rugby ten years ago, Mickie is now based in Dunchurch where she has been working for the past six years. She loves being a business owner in the Warwickshire region as she gets to explore the diverse areas and unique styles of homes in the area, when completing home visits with her customers.
Mickie is supported by a few individuals, sewers, a fitter and her daughter, Fern who looks after the social media aspect of her business. You will be able to contact Soft Furnishings by Mickie via their social media platforms, as well as popping into the shop to talk face to face. You will find examples of work completed by this business on their Facebook and Instagram, we suggest you get in touch with them if you like what you see!

Mickie produces everything to a made to measure finish, providing a personal and respectful service which offers expert advice to all its customers. Mickie and her team of professionals will provide you with a warm welcome and a friendly chat if you decide to pop in and see them at the shop. She will also ensure that your ideas are nurtured and will aid you in bringing them to life.

Mickie also offers personal visits to your home; this service has proven to be very popular for the business as it provides a person-focused service where she can measure correctly and provide specialist advice for your needs. As well as this home service, their curtains are a popular product bought by their customers. Mickie ensures every piece of soft furnishing produced is of high quality.

Mickie is passionate about her business and this enthusiasm has meant she has taken on too much in the past. As a result, she decided to hire some support in the shop, which is when Elaine started working at Soft Furnishings by Mickie. Elaine has been able to work alongside Mickie in their shop, lightening the load of work and providing support and companionship to this business owner.

It can be difficult as an independent business owner to compete with large corporations that offer cheap and ready-made products, that can be ordered online and delivered the next day. However, Soft Furnishings by Mickie offers a personal and high-quality service that you cannot find through an online purchase. You can be sure that your needs will be listened to and considered throughout the made the measure process. As a result, Mickie produces your desired finished product at a high quality that you cannot find anywhere else.