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Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies


Established with the intention of providing a destination for holistic care and support for the local community, Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies is a new venture that is sure to achieve great things! Established little over a month ago, on the 10th March 2020, Kirsty aims to provide the people of Warwickshire with the holistic care that they desire!

With support from friends and family, Kirsty Barrell set out to create her very own holistic therapy business after undergoing a sports massage course a few years back. Upon discovering how effective sports massage could be, Kirsty then discovered a new passion in life: providing therapy for others who need her skills and support. And so, the dream which would eventually lead to the opening of Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies was born!

Holistic therapy is a rapidly growing niche, and more and more people are getting involved. As a Warwickshire resident herself, Kirsty naturally saw the potential that such a venture could offer for her local clients; unfortunately, the lockdowns established by the Coronavirus outbreak have hugely hindered Kirsty’s original plans. With lockdowns being put in place not long after the grand opening, one might expect Kirsty to be feeling down. Indeed, a lot of business owners are now scared about how the lockdowns will impact on their ability to provide the products and services which they are known for—but Kirsty is still optimistic for the future of Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies once reopened. Plans for the future of this budding business, aside from simply reopening when it is safe for everyone to do so, include growing to be a fully independent business which will allow Kirsty the freedom to run things, full time. This has been Kirsty’s dream for so long, now, and it seems that she has everything in place that she needs to be able to achieve this goal. You go, girl!

Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies was created to give people a destination for relaxation and
energisation. Our busy modern lives can be incredibly stressful—but Kirsty knows that her skills will
help people overcome these stresses and strains. Holistic therapy is for people of all ages; even for
children as young as 10 years old can enjoy and benefit from the relaxation that holistic therapy can
provide for them! As well as helping to alleviate stress, holistic therapy is also an excellent way to
target those niggly aches and pains that you are struggling to get rid of. Kirsty can offer a huge number of different services for her clients, including chair massages (the most popular choice thus far), crystal therapy, one to one meditation, holistic pain management, Reiki, Indian head massages, and more. Despite only getting a short chance to establish herself before lockdowns were imposed, Kirsty didn’t waste any time in getting her business’ name out there. The unique service that Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies provide is, of course, a major draw; however, the real success has to be in Kirsty’s ability to draw repeat massage clients, owing to Kirsty’s skill as a provider of holistic therapies. Though the Coronavirus pandemic has represented a major challenge in the establishment of the business, Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies is set to grow and prosper once lockdowns are removed.

The unique service that Kirsty can provide, all from the comfort of her hometown, means that we
can surely expect great things—perhaps Sparkle Kirsty’s Holistic Therapies could be the ideal
destination for a post-lockdown destress? Whatever the case, we can’t wait to see how this exciting
new business grows and develops over the course of 2020.