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Stillbirth Mum Commissions Harmony Glass Memorial For Late Son


As for all bereaved mums, memories are extremely precious to Sharon Luca-Chatha (founder of Kenilworth based charity The Luca Foundation) who was among the first to commission a Harmony Glass ashes memorial from Cariad personal ceremonies, for her son. Luca, to whom she refers as her ‘angel baby’, was stillborn at almost full term.

Made including remnants of Luca’s ashes, the new bespoke glass memorial, which Sharon had been offered in the shape of an angel, was blown by Kayleigh Young in Shenton, Leicestershire.

Sharon, 44, said: “I thought it was a beautiful idea. I found it extremely hard to find places to go that could provide memorial items when I needed them. I think it’s important for people to understand that there are options as to what people can do with their baby’s ashes. When I was presented with the angel it blew me away. I was so emotional. I couldn’t believe that my son is in the glass.”

She added: “To then have the opportunity as well to see how it was made was fascinating. I highly recommend it anyone who wants to keep their loved one in their home but in a nice way. It’s so precious, extremely personal and unique. He’s now got pride of place on my console table in the lounge.”

The highly personalised experience is the latest to be launched by CARIAD Personal Ceremonies, in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. People are invited to take part in ceremonies, including weddings & funerals, that involve pouring pre-selected coloured glass crystals into a receptacle to create a bespoke piece of art to mark the occasion. This is later blown into a chosen design at Kayleigh’s studio where relatives are also given the option of adding ashes into the piece to create a truly bespoke memorial.

The Harmony Glass Experience is one of several ceremonies CARIAD offers as part of weddings, funerals and baby namings, others including Ring Warming (passing rings around the family or guests to warm in their hands while thinking loving thoughts); Handfasting (Binding hands in symbolically coloured ribbons); Sand Ceremony (guests unite to pour different coloured sands into a shaped receptacle); and Tree of Life (guests write heartfelt messages onto wooden hearts or doves and hang them on a steel tree to create a special memento.)

Harmony Glass gift vouchers are also available to purchase for any occasion. Visit:

Written by Amanda Chalmers