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The Eco Stitch, founded by Debbie Cromarty in July last year, is built on the foundation of giving back. Debbie has a background in the fashion industry and while pursuing this career path, she found herself becoming more aware of the fast fashion culture and the waste created from this. Becoming more conscious of this throwaway style ethos, Debbie turned her attentions to this full time in 2019. She quit working in a corporate role and began educating young people about waste. Still very much at the centre of her fashion career, Debbie now focuses on upcycling clothing and educating those in her community to follow suit.

Based in Warwickshire, Debbie felt she could give more to her local community by re-educating them on excess spending on clothes. She runs a ten-week course in a local school, where she is able to access those interested in learning about upcycling and ditching waste. At the root of The Eco Stitch is this core belief that we need to change our habits when it comes to our belongings. When something is broken or damaged, we don’t need to throw it away. Debbie’s upcycling service is just her alone, spreading this message amongst the Warwickshire area. Customers can be provided with a pickup and drop off service and those upcycled clothes will be returned beautifully wrapped and labelled. Debbie’s personalised touch is what brings her customers back, alongside excellent attention to detail and sustainability at the heart of The Eco Stitch’s values.

Still in it’s first year of development, Debbie shared her excitement for how her business is ever-changing. Whilst her most popular service is the upcycling of clothes, she has begun working on projects such as home furniture and soft furnishings. In the next year, Debbie will be looking to develop the education aspect of her business; running courses in different schools, presenting more talks on waste in the fashion industry and holding workshops on upcycling in local venues. Hoping to reach a wide variety of spenders, being able to educate those who keep up with the latest trends will help in the mission to spreading sustainability!

This business owner has big plans for The Eco Stitch and at the centre of it all, Debbie works lovingly on your upcycling projects. She also manages all social media, marketing opportunities, networking with like-minded business owners and working on those big plans being a reality! Joining a Women in Business networking group in Eco Stitch’s infancy gave Debbie the chance to build relationships and find support from those in her local community. She is also a part of Kenilworth’s All Together Greener Group, allowing more opportunities to spread the message of sustainability. You will even find Debbie at local fairs on eco-friendly, ethical products and education.

It takes a special kind of person that can create something beautiful from something once unloved. The Eco Stitch is built on this foundation and we can’t wait to see what that driving force does for future of Eco Stitch! Thank you for making our world a little more beautiful, Debbie.