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The Family Network Rugby Branch is owned and run by Dean Marshall. He works passionately to support families and parents in their search for business development. A community-focused ideal that offers those that have their own business the opportunity to develop their skills, learn and network with other business owners. Dean is a passionate Warwickshire resident through and through, with a desire to support his local community to grow and connect, whilst also adoring living in the culturally diverse and historical environment of Warwickshire.

Living and working in Birmingham for 12 years, Dean decided he wanted to go back to his roots and have the opportunity to be surrounded by his loved ones. This is when the Rugby Branch of the Family Network kicked off. Not only is Dean passionate about connecting with his loved ones but he is also keen to allow others to connect with like-minded individuals and business owners who find themselves facing similar difficulties in today’s society.

Whilst Dean is the business savvy and passionate individual looking to support local business owners who have families, he is not alone in his venture. Dean is supported by his parents, Frank and Hilary, who help him through the planning of events, organising and lending an ear to help make valuable decisions for the business’s progression. Both semi-retired, Hilary and Frank support their son with the daily running of the business, providing their own levels of passion for their community to boot.

We love The Family Network’s ethos around inclusion for all, especially business owners who juggle family life and navigating the world of parenthood at the same time. With the creation of regular networking events and a monthly newsletter including competitions and information in the local area, Dean and his parents have been able to create a child-friendly, parent-friendly and family friendly community of business owners.They offer regular networking opportunities for small business owners, which have proven very popular for those looking to network and socialise with other parents navigating owning a business and juggling family life and expectations. Their Friday Meet Ups usually take place at The Harvester in Rugby twice a month where Dean and his parents welcome business owners to bring their children along, socialise, share their stories and best practice ideas, whilst having something to eat and drink too. What a great opportunity to build connections in your local area and learn from your fellow entrepreneurs at the same time.Regardless of your business area and background, The Family Network Rugby Branch welcomes you with open arms and a warm smile, developing their own community that is inclusive of everyone. Working on a business and managing family life too can be a lonely place, but with the support of The Family Network Rugby Branch, you can find yourself a part of a community of creative business savvy individuals always ready to help each other out.Dean and his parents work on open communication and promoting positive talk through their social media content. They are hoping to continue expanding their memberships to bring more business owners into the fold, as well as organising some larger events around the Rugby area for business owners to showcase what they have to offer; so, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this celebration of local business!Facebook:
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