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Therapy Rooms Rugby offers something truly unique for its local community. With wellbeing and care at the forefront of its mission, Rugby is treated to a therapy service that offers more than most. Jamie Fearn and Chirag Govind had always dreamed of having their own clinic in which services across all disciplines could be consolidated under one roof. That dream grew legs in July 2018 and developed into the wonderful offering available at Therapy Rooms Rugby today.

By working in partnership with each other and a multitude of therapists across other disciplines, Jamie and Chirag have made sure Therapy Rooms Rugby is able to offer a broad range of therapy services to the public. Whilst running the full spectrum of services available from Therapy Rooms Rugby, Jamie and Chirag also run their other businesses from this base; JPF Sports Therapy and CG Therapy. Keeping busy then, guys! Jamie and Chirag’s vision for Therapy Rooms was to offer a well rounded and bespoke service which focuses on each individual’s care needs.

It certainly does that; offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT), Pregnancy Massage and Physiotherapy as just a few examples of the broad spectrum of care on offer here. Therapy Rooms Rugby provides a welcoming space which will tailor services to your needs. Jamie and Chirag have collated services which take care of your physical health, mental health and wellbeing. If you have an injury or medical condition, you may benefit from Sports therapy services, Injury Rehabilitation or Medical Acupuncture, which you can find under this one roof. Other services available which focus on mental health and wellbeing are Nutrition services, Mindset Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). With such a broad range of services and professionals under one roof, Therapy Rooms Rugby have been able to concentrate on building close bonds with clients to aid them in their overall wellbeing. This personal approach runs through the core of all the services available and each therapist works on building a close connection with individuals using the services to ensure all their needs are taken care of, right through to the aftercare.

While Jamie and Chirag work in house with a wide variety of small business owners and therapists, their passion for wellbeing has also allowed them to build connections with other establishments which provide therapy services. This means that if Therapy Rooms don’t have what you need inhouse, they can point you in the direction of a trustworthy, highly qualified therapist that will be able to support your specific care needs. Therapy Rooms Rugby practically overflows with passion for taking care of its clients and giving back to the local community. From the moment you step through the doors at 40 Main Street, you will be greeted with a warm welcome (not just from the cosy wooden cladding of the reception) and the assurance that nothing is ever too much for the team at Therapy Rooms.

The future looks healthy for Therapy Rooms Rugby, as they begin this decade providing a well rounded offering to the local community. As demand continues to grow for wellbeing, physical and mental health services, Jamie and Chirag plan to continue expanding the offering of services available from the Therapy Rooms. This plan is already in motion of course, as they work on expanding this network of therapists through treatment rooms to hire. Care for the community is at the heart of everything for Therapy Rooms Rugby and their quality service and professional approach keeps them thriving. We can’t wait to see how Jamie and Chirag continue to develop the services available for the community in Warwickshire.