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University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire Charity


University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity (UHCW) have been supporting and enhancing our local NHS facilities for patients, carers, and families since 1996. UHCW Charity aims to support and enhance the wellbeing of patients and staff at University Hospital, Coventry, and the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby, as well as community services for local mental health and learning disabilities.

UHCW Charity supports services across our local NHS facilities by funding new research, additional facilities, and enhanced equipment to ensure our community can receive the care they deserve. Thanks to the recent generosity of UHCW supporters over the past few months, the UHCW Charity has been able to fund a much-needed Blood Gas Analyser for the Emergency Department as well as 80 iPads for the UHCW NHS Trust to help patients connect with loved ones.

As visiting restrictions are currently so limited, your donations make a huge difference to patient’s comfort whilst recovering, giving them access to video calling their loved ones. UHCW Charity also sponsor the VCreate system for our local NHS Trust, which is a secure messaging service where videos and photographs of those in neonatal and paediatric departments can be sent to parents and loved ones. This system allows parents to keep connected with their children whilst they are in hospital and will provide many with comfort through regular updates by clinicians. This is a project which the UHCW Charity still needs donation to fund!

Our NHS needs us now more than ever and whilst we all applauded from our gardens on Thursday evenings at the incredible job our NHS staff are doing, many of the 9000 staff at UHCW NHS Trust are currently sick themselves. This is leaving our local NHS services stretched even further and the remaining staff are working all hours to provide the best care for those in our community that they can. UHCW Charity are raising funds towards their Superhero Care Boxes for our beloved NHS staff whilst they risk their lives to keep us safe. These boxes are aimed as small comforts with snacks, toiletries, and drinks. Alongside the Superhero Care Boxes, your donations could go towards spreading further thanks to our NHS heroes with extra facilities for hospital staff including additional lockers and comfy chairs in break areas.

These small changes will not alone be able to support the wellbeing of all our NHS staff during this strained time where services are in further demand. However, UHCW Charity will put your donations towards Schwartz Rounds to provide emotional support for our local NHS heroes.

Supporting our NHS staff’s health and wellbeing during, and after, this pandemic will be essential for them to overcome the stressful and emotional experiences that come with caring for patients and families. Schwartz Rounds provides a facilitated forum for NHS staff to share their experiences and has shown to improve practice, overall wellbeing, and reduce the risk of stress burn out. In the current world climate, supporting each other to get through is essential, and UHCW Charity works hard to ensure our local NHS staff can do the same.

You can help raise these vital funds for UHCW Charity by taking part in Warwickshire’s Summer 2020 Charity Raffle, organised by The Warwickshire Review. Make a donation in exchange for tickets that give you a chance to win one of 50 amazing prizes! Or if you’d rather donate directly to UHCW you can do so here.