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Young ‘Charity Ambassador’ raises more than £1k for local charity

Molly Ollys, Hugo Wright


Molly Ollys, Hugo WrightA kind-hearted Warwick youngster has raised more than £1,000 for local children’s charity Molly Ollys, following a string of his own fundraising initiatives.

As ten-year-old Hugo Wright prepares to move to senior school this year, his primary school has created a new Year Six Charity Ambassador role to continue the legacy of his good work.

Hugo decided to carry on with his fundraising after quickly exceeding his original £210 target – symbolising the number of pupils at Westgate Primary School – with a cake sale in March, going on to further boost the coffers by organising an Adopt A Bear Stall and, last week, a school Dress Down Day.

He collected more than 100 teddies by advertising on social media and cleaned them, sprayed them with a nice scent, named them, gave them a date of birth and printed off labels before selling them for £1 each at a school sale.

Hugo said: “I was really moved while watching Pride of Britain on the TV one night and thought it would be nice if I could do something to help out people as well. I was looking around at local charities and found Molly Ollys and thought it was a good charity and it just went on from there. I’ve enjoyed it and I’m happy that I’ve raised that much money.”

Hugo’s Dad Callum said: “His mum and I are super proud of him. It was so good to see him show so much initiative and compassion. He’s always had this side to him. When he was about four, he spent some time in the children’s ward at Warwick Hospital after bumping his head. While he was there he was complaining how rubbish all the toys were, so, every year after that, he picked a few of his favourite toys and took them in, until Covid came along and they stopped taking gifts.

“This fundraising has genuinely all been off his own back. And he’s worked really hard. People can’t see how much time and effort goes into it. The rest came in donations from supporters, including family, friends and his football team. It just grew and grew.”

Westgate School Headteacher Matthew Watson said: “Hugo is a star and a great role-model for others. He is a very caring boy who is always looking out for others. He has shown dedication and commitment to Molly Ollys and I am sure that this is only the start of his fundraising. Knowing Hugo, there is already another plan in place!”


Molly Ollys was established in 2011 by Rachel and Tim Ollerenshaw following the death of their eight-year-old daughter Molly from a rare kidney cancer.

The Warwickshire-based charity works to support children with terminal or life-limiting illnesses and their families and help with their emotional wellbeing. As well as providing wishes, they donate therapeutic toys and books to both children directly and to hospitals throughout the UK.

The therapeutic toy lion called Olly The Brave who has his own Hickman line and a detachable mane which helps to explain and normalise the effects of chemotherapy. These form part of an Olly The Brave pack that has now been handed out to more than 70 hospitals or health centres, along with a set of books from the charity’s exclusive Olly The Brave series.

Rachel Ollerenshaw said: “I never fail to be humbled by people’s kindness and generosity with their support for our charity. It is particularly striking when it is someone so young. Hugo is very clear that he wants to make a difference and we love all his ingenious fundraising ideas. What a superstar he is. Thank you to Hugo and his friends and family for supporting his initiatives.”

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