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Rotary champions peace opportunity for school

With so much conflict throughout the world, and with so many countries resorting to warfare and locally with the increase in knife crime, encouraging young people to think about what peace means to them and how conflict can be avoided without resorting to violence, has become even more important.

To support schools with their peace education curriculum Rotary is offering the opportunity for all schools in Leamington and the surrounding area to obtain a Peace Pole. The Peace Pole has been accepted by the United Nations as an International symbol of Peace.

Peace Poles, Rotary

The Pole stands six foot tall once planted and is made from recycled materials. It conveys a very powerful message “May Peace Prevail on Earth”, which can be translated into seven other languages depending on the nationality of the schools’ children.

At the moment there are four poles available,  Poles have already been planted  at Campion School , Sydenham and Radford Semele Primary Schools. Thanks to Warwick  Rotary Club 6 have been planted in Warwick Schools and Kenilworth Rotary Club are supporting Kenilworth Schools. Throughout the Midlands over 70 poles have already been planted in schools and communities and more are being planned.

Local Rotarian Margaret Morley explained: “Peace Poles stand as a memorial to Peace. It is the aim of Rotary to provide all schools with a Peace Pole  as  it also serves many other purposes.   Poles can become the focal point of an outside area within the school to create an Area of tranquility and reflection. Somewhere young people can just go and relax, reflect so important for their mental well-being.

Peace Poles, Rotary

“Many schools have created Peace Gardens around their pole which can promote so many Environmental projects, encourage gardening skills, and inspire creativity.”

“All we ask of schools is to give us a report on how they would see  a pole being of benefit to their school   and how it would play a part in their peace education programme and enhance the mental well-being of young people.  We do ask them if they are willing to contribute £35 towards postage and packing as this then helps us to provide more poles for schools.”

Contact Margaret on for further information, to make an application or make a donation towards the project.