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A Moment of Zen In The Chaotic Beginnings of Parenthood

Spa Babies started up sessions back in 2019, when Lisa Ryan finished her maternity leave with her second born. Designed for babies from birth to nine months, it is the leading Baby Spa in the UK. In fact, it is one of a kind.

Lisa creates relaxing parent and baby bonding sessions with a full sensory experience, including baby facials, positive touch guidance and spa baths. Lisa told us how she dreamed up the concept behind Spa Babies and why she throws her heart and soul into providing such an uplifting and euphoric experience for other parents and babies.

After having her first born, Lisa struggled with her anxiety. She found it difficult to go out and socialise and she developed a particular fear of traditional baby classes. After the loss of her beloved nan, Lisa found herself reevaluating what she wanted to do.

She told us she had such a rough time in the beginning of motherhood and so she wanted to create a space she would have liked to take her little ones to; an intimate and calming environment that’s unique to you and your child.

Spa Babies began with just one class a week in April 2019, offering a unique baby bonding experience with a maximum of four babies at a time. This intimate session provides a relaxing and honest environment to support parents and carers with their little ones in their first nine months.

There’s a huge emphasis on mental health in Lisa’s supportive spa classes and so it doesn’t come as much surprise to find her sessions grew rapidly from one a week to six a week. 

With parents coming from all over Warwickshire to visit Lisa at Spa Babies in Solihull, she decided to find another spot for her Baby Spa in Warwick. Now, two years later, Spa Babies run 12 sessions a week across several locations. In fact, Lisa has been so busy offering her relaxing baby spa sessions that she is hiring someone to join her team next month, ready for her expansion to another location in Bromsgrove!

Currently, Lisa operates from four locations; Ashorne Village Hall in Warwick, Quinney Hall and Sea Rangers HQ in Sutton Coldfield and Cheswick Green Village Hall in Solihull. But watch this space, she said there are plenty of big changes on the horizon. We can’t tell you any more than that at the moment, but keep an eye out for updates from Spa Babies as Lisa is continuing to grow her unique business!

Lisa’s motivation to create an intimate and uplifting experience for parents and babies was driven by her own struggles with her mental health after having her first born. Traditional baby classes left her feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable, and her little one cried her out of every class they went to.

Her unique sensory experience is for everyone involved, because it’s not just your little one that needs some TLC around this time. Lisa creates an intimate spa environment that allows you to leave your anxieties at the door. Her sessions focus on making you all feel comfortable and she works with you and your child to make each session truly unique for you.

The Baby Spa is a 60 minute parent and baby bonding experience; a full sensory experience, with light displays, relaxing scents and calming music to create the perfect Spa Babies environment. Babies will experience their spa baths, positive touch guidance and baby facials to help encourage parent baby bonding.

Your little ones are kitted out with the spa essentials too; Baby Robes, Spa Slippers, Turban Towels and carefully selected skincare products for the most sensitive baby skin. Plus, you’ll finish your spa session by capturing a unique Spa Babies photo…trust us, it’s a complete cuteness overload!!!

Your little ones experience very different things as their senses change so you can take them back to Spa Babies for as many pampering and bonding sessions as you like! If you’re lucky enough to have twins, Lisa offers a discount for your sessions so get in touch with her before booking your place.

To find out more about booking your Spa session with Lisa, you can visit her website here. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with all things Spa Babies.