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Artisan beer brand Empress right note with prestigious music school

Empress beers

A Warwickshire-based artisan beer brand has hit the right note with a prestigious music school after being added to the drinks list in its restaurant and bar used by future stars.

Empress’ full range of Pale Ale, IPA and Pilsner-style lager is included in the choices at the world-famous Royal Academy of Music in London, whose alumni include Sir Simon Rattle, Sir Elton John and Annie Lennox.

The inclusion is the latest coup for the premium craft beer, which was founded by Leamington Spa-based entrepreneur Surj Virk in 2016 and is stocked in venues and restaurants across the UK. They include the Jason Atherton group of restaurants, the Goodman Group, Birmingham Michelin-starred restaurants Adam’s and Opheem, as well as top London hotels The Langham and The Goring Hotel.

Empress Ale

The range of premium craft British beers are also stocked in Waitrose, as well as being available online. 

Surj said the inclusion of Empress on menus at the Royal Academy of Music is yet more evidence that the beers, which are smooth, light and easy-drinking, pairing particularly well with food, are the perfect addition to any drinks list where quality counts and flavour is key.

The fact that the beers are made using the finest of natural ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, whenever possible, and the lager is gluten-free, organic and vegan, also mean they tick a whole range of boxes for the prestigious venue, he said. 

Empress beers

“To be listed in such a famous venue – the place that has links to some of the best musical talent in the world – is really mind-blowing,” he said. 

“The last few years have seen some amazing establishments across hospitality add our beers to their menus, and to add the Royal Academy of Music to the list of places where people can try Empress beers, either with food or on its own, is a really proud moment. 

“We’re delighted with this partnership and look forward to seeing our beers served up at the RAM.”

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