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Brewer lands ‘historic’ new contract with English heritage

An award-winning Warwickshire brewery has announced a historic licensing partnership which will see its brand in 100 English Heritage sites across the UK.

In what is one of the company’s biggest partnerships in recent times, Purity Brewing Company has unveiled its English Heritage Collection – a trio of Best Bitter, Organic Craft Lager and Low Alcohol Pale Ale, as part of a shared celebration of both brands’ sustainability and authenticity values.

The 4% ABV Modern Day GF Best Bitter, in a 500ml bottle; 5% ABV Organic GF Lager, in a 440ml can; and 0.5% ABV GF Low-Alcohol Pale Ale, in a 345ml bottle, are all available to buy in shops and cafés at many of English Heritage’s 400 historic sites, including world-famous English medieval castles, Roman forts, abbeys and even a Cold War bunker.

It’s also a particularly poignant collaboration for the Purity team whose late co-founder Jim Minkin, enjoyed a passion for Roman history.

Purity, English Heritage

Minkin established Purity, in Great Alne, in 2005 with Paul Hasley on a joint mission to ‘brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience, consistency and attention to detail.’

History is also brought to life through the new collection’s branding – with their modern take on historic English helmets.

Paul Brazier, Head of Marketing at Purity, said: “The English Heritage partnership has been born through a shared desire to leave a recognisable mark of quality, sustainability and authenticity on the world. Manifesting itself through our English Heritage Collection, celebrating the best of all things that have shaped our green and pleasant land, our beers are as rich and characterful in flavour as our country is in history. This is a great opportunity to tell authentic stories through the eyes of national treasures.

“The unique label designs combine the three core brewing ingredients: whole cone hops, malted barley and pure water with medieval battle-worn helmets from some of English history’s most defining moments, including the invasion of English shores by Saxon and Viking warriors, to the enduring conquests of the infamous Knights Templar.”

Purity, English Heritage

Alexandra Bovey, Licensing & Commercial Development Manager at English Heritage, said: “We’re so proud to have partnered with Purity, who we knew were a great fit as a responsible brewer caring about sustainable practices and never compromising on quality. The product range that is the result of months of joint development work are beautifully designed and we’re so pleased to be bringing this range to both our visitors, members and the wider public.”

Central to the brewer is a strong commitment to supporting the environment. Purity only uses natural ingredients, supports recycling programs and respects the local community and environment. Waste products are recycled through its unique wetland system. This sustainable ecosystem helps minimise carbon dioxide emissions, reduces energy consumption and encourages wildlife diversity.

To find out more about English Heritage Collection and purchase online visit here