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Get A Business Hug With Sam’s Virtual Business Support Service

We spoke to Samantha Caldecott, owner and solo virtual partner behind SC Business Support back in 2019 (click here to read the article). Her business was still in its infancy then, set up for almost a year providing a bespoke range of virtual support services for business owners all over.

At the time, Sam’s company was called SC E-Admin but with some time evaluating the company’s effectiveness and the areas she wanted to focus her attention, this Warwickshire-based business owner rebranded as SC Business Support we know today.

We caught up with her this week to find out what has been going on with her business over the last two years. With a change of name, logo, complete rebranding of services and products, this tech-savvy business cheerleader has certainly been keeping busy.

Sam told us that she had found it difficult to connect with the right clients for her services when she was still SC E- Admin. With many of her customers coming to her for basic administration tasks rather than the full range of services she can provide, it was a logical lesson and step to rebrand as SC Business Support.

Providing a wealth of expertise and a bucket load of enthusiasm managing the back of house processes of running a business, Sam can support you with a wide range of tasks. By freeing up your time to juggle other jobs, find new revenue streams and develop your business, SC Business Support takes the stress away, lightening the load in order for you to be able to grow your business goals and mission.

But it is the business owner behind the brand that we want to particularly celebrate today. She is, after all, the solo contributor to all things SC Business Support. The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for most of our local business owners and Sam is no exception. She has taken some valuable lessons from the lockdowns though and started this year with a complete refocus and refining of her energies.

Sam told us she felt incredibly lucky that the clients she had during lockdown one returned to her when things began opening up again. We don’t think it’s luck though; her hard work and passion for supporting others to develop their business goals is the reason she finds herself with a loyal customer base. She said “the first lockdown was incredibly hard on the business and on my clients. It was devastating to see clients I had worked so closely with being affected by the pandemic.”

With a change of name alone at the beginning of 2021, Sam has been able to reach out to a larger audience of customers looking for virtual support with the day-to-day running of their business. She told us how helpful her rebrand has been in finding the right customers and developing her range of services in order to meet the new branding of SC Business Support.

And Sam has got plenty of big plans for the future, with a pricing restructure and steady growth on the horizon; in fact, she told us she is currently working on her five year plan and what she has so far is top secret!

She did let slip that she would be looking to take on an associate in the next twelve months though, slowly growing her small remote support network. We can’t wait to see how SC Business Support develops with Sam’s fresh new perspective and outlook.

The Covid-19 pandemic allowed Sam to learn more about setting boundaries. With nowhere to go and not much to do during lockdowns, it was very easy to just keep on working. Promising and fulfilling for clients but not taking the time out to work on her own goals; something most of us can empathise with! But SC Business Support is taking on 2021 with structure and discipline.

Sending out an email to clients in which she could set clear boundaries for working hours and time is just one of many things Sam has implemented this year, as well as structuring her week into different projects and time set aside for planning, organising and developing her own goals.

SC Business Support can only grow from here; Sam is investing time in her working week for self development to develop her skills and business further. Taking part in online courses to hone in on her talents and utilise her strengths to grow SC Business Support and help her clients to grow too.

Sam told us she has also noticed changes in her customers since the beginning of the pandemic. With remote working becoming a more utilised tool across all organisations, many businesses have seen the benefits of using remote workers who are already set up to carry out the tasks they need.

By using a small virtual assistant company like SC Business Support, you can access a specialist who is available to work on the jobs you need support with.

Sam told us that the ethos behind SC Business Support is to work in collaboration, rather than competition, with business owners to help them build and develop their dream company. Sam talks passionately about being able to work with such a wide range of clients, becoming their Virtual Support Partner; discovering that she too can become personally invested in each of their businesses.

Described by one of her clients as a “business hugger”, Sam wraps your ideas up in a warm embrace, taking them on as her own and helping you to accomplish your goals.

Sam said “I’m your business cheerleader. I’m a “how are you today” person. I’m a “what do you need?” person. I am “sending random gifs to cheer up a client” person. ”So when you work with SC Business Support, you get all the business support you need and an extra warm business hug thrown in too.

Whether you are looking for assistance with managing your social media presence, proofing content, processing data, refining your contracts and much more, Sam brings a complete mix of skills to the table that can ease some of the load, keeping things ticking over behind the scenes as you work on developing your business goals.

We expect to see Sam networking with more and more local businesses as this year continues. She loves being a part of such a diverse community of local business owners and is a passionate cheerleader of small businesses. And we are right with her!

Keep up to date with SC Business Support on their Facebook and Instagram or get in touch with Sam via her website to see how she could help you and your business!

Written by Heather Marie Willis.