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You may know Sarah Cheney as a Marketing Consultant at Digital Business Base or as the manager here at The Warwickshire Review but these are just 2 of Sarah’s 3 businesses! This hard working entrepreneur is also the proud owner of Positive Instinct! After having the opportunity to get to know Sarah Cheney over the past few months, we have been honoured to discover a fun and hardworking business owner who loves to create. Sarah set up her first business, Positive Instinct, in October 2017 in the hope of spreading positive and inspirational messages as great gift ideas.

Positive Instinct provides customers with designed and hand printed ceramic coffee mugs to send a variety of messages to your loved ones or colleagues at work. We especially love her “always late, but worth the wait” mug, which would fit aptly on our own desk at work!

Sarah had always dreamed of owning her own business and being her own boss but she also wanted to ensure that her business idea was built on having a positive impact for her customers and others. She has sure achieved that by spreading love and kindness in all her product designs, with some of her creations being especially aimed at those who have faced challenges with their mental health.

After growing up in Rugby, Sarah knew that setting up her business from home would be the most cost effective and efficient way to begin her business venture. Sarah prints and designs all of her mugs at home, with the use of sublimation printing techniques using a heat press. Her designs are full of inspirational messages and personalised custom designs to suit any gift idea. Need a pick me up during a rubbish day at work? Have a coffee break with your personalised mug reminding you that you how awesome you are.

Whilst Warwickshire holds a special place in Sarah’s heart, this business savvy designer also sees the benefits of networking her ideas, she now sells her mugs online and ships them out all over the world! As well as utilising her home town for growing her business, Sarah also uses her own experiences with her mental health journey to create special gifts with positive messages attached. What a great opportunity to begin spreading positive and meaningful quotes for those struggling with their mental health! We have seen some amazing companies working hard to spread positive messages and raising awareness for those suffering with mental health difficulties and Sarah is part of this community of entrepreneurs.

Sarah has also taken the opportunities available online for selling her products. You can find her mugs on her Etsy shop, Amazon, as well as follow her journey through her social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Her Etsy shop provides a wealth of mug ideas as well as options for Sarah to produce something personalised for you, such as a business logo or a specific message to make you smile. You are sure to find unique and practical gifts at her shop and Sarah will provide a personal touch to her service which sets her apart from the rest. Positive Instinct also sells to corporate clients, so if you fancy getting your team a mug with your business logo on then this business is perfect for bulk discounts too, just message Sarah to find out more!

Positive Instinct was set up by Sarah alone and since 2017, she has successful designed, printed, packaged and shipped well over 600 mugs herself. Her passion to create outshines any other gift seller online and we are sure she can provide you with something unique to dazzle its recipient. So, whether you are looking for a gift for your colleague to make them laugh, or a playful mug for your mum for her birthday, look no further than Positive Instinct. Sarah will happily produce inspirational, personal and practical gifts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. We can’t wait to see what designs she comes up with next.

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