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Sofya Style and Sofya & I Boutique Ann Pendlebury, business owner and fashion enthusiast, set up her magazine Sofya Style in January last year. Upon seeing its success in the first year of business, Ann was able to open her fashion boutique within Hatton Country World, Sofya & I.

Sofya Style is a women’s magazine which provides interesting articles about and for women. Ann Pendlebury uses this platform to celebrate real-life women, discussing women in business and celebrating their success. Sofya Style also provides articles on fashion trends and makeup advice from real people. We love this platform for celebrating the uniqueness of each woman and it is a great source of inspiration for girls and women in Warwickshire.

Sofya Style boasts plenty of information on the local area and offers women the opportunity to be involved in events and stories that are featured. Ann particularly enjoys being a part of the community that is at Hatton Shopping Village; she is able to mix with like-minded and independent business owners, which has proven to be a great source for inspirational stories.

Ann has broken through the mould for women not being seen to be able to have it all; she can be a great mum and an excellent business woman too. She sets the bar high for all us females and is an inspiration to those of us who are unsure if they can do both!

Ann is supported by her loving family and is driven by her daughter, Sofya. We are sure Sofya will appreciate being the inspiration for this business savvy woman’s success and we imagine that Sofya will play a big part in the company as it grows.

Sofya & I Boutique is set in the heart of Hatton Shopping Village and is filled with an air of fun and creativity. It is a great place to encourage women to be independent and embrace their unique tastes; this brand provides something special for every woman and further designs for young girls aged between six and ten. Ann provides high-quality clothing, both new and vintage.

Not only does Ann’s magazine and her boutique celebrate women, but they also encourage women to shop with their daughters. By providing an environment that is friendly for both adults and children, mums and daughters can enjoy quality time dressing up together. The second you step in to Sofya & I, you will feel right at home amongst friendly women, with the ambition to make each other smile and feel good.

We can always get behind an organisation that celebrates girl power. But we can especially get behind a brand that encourages quirky and colourful clothing to celebrate our differences. Once you have been to Sofya & I once, we are sure you will go back for more; not only for the amazing clothing on offer, but for the friendly team who will make you feel great. This place is a community that celebrates all things female.

​Ann hopes to continue growing the success of her magazine and boutique, building the community further and developing events for women and girls to enjoy at the boutique. We are excited to see this fabulous celebration of females grow across Warwickshire.