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South Warwickshire’s NHS Foundation Trust Charity


Sprinkle Some Magic is SWFT’s slogan and it couldn’t be more appropriate. We all need a little bit of magic. SWFT Charity (South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust) aims to enhance the services and equipment provided at the NHS core offering, to provide better care and facilities for our community. SWFT’s vision is to sprinkle a load of the magic stuff over the basic funding provided by the government, in order to enrich the experience of everyone in our community who works for or needs to use the NHS in Leamington, Warwick, Stratford & The Ellen Badger Hospitals.

Previous donations made to SWFT have helped to facilitate funding for equipment at The Bluebell Centre, Warwick Hospital which opened in 2018. This Midwife Led centre is now fitted with four birthing rooms with high-quality equipment, thanks to the Birth and Babies appeal launched by SWFT in 2017. Donations have also aided SWFT to equip Leamington Spa Hospital’s brain injury unit with water chairs and height-adjustable tables; these will enable patients to get out of bed at an earlier stage in their recovery and make dining an easier experience for wheelchair users. Other specialist chairs to aid patients’ rehabilitation have been funded for the Intensive Care Unit at Warwick Hospital, alongside the ICU’s staff who raised money for the project too!

SWFT sprinkles magic in areas of our beloved NHS that need some TLC. NHS core funding is a topic we all know about and charities like SWFT help to provide our local community with the equipment and facilities that it deserves.

SWFT Charity ensure patients, families, and carers get some of that magic. SWFT Charity have provided so much enrichment to the South Warwickshire NHS departments, such as improvements to equipment and amenities in the cancer units of Warwick and Stratford Hospitals. With the help of charitable donations to SWFT’s wide variety of charitable funds, they have been able to provide patients who have undergone a mastectomy their first bra and have been able to ensure district nurses are equipped with enhanced equipment to provide care to those in the community.

Your donations to SWFT will aid them to progress further with current projects, such as developing the Warwick Hospital’s A&E Children’s waiting area. Going to A&E is terrifying, even as an adult, so going as a child can be very stressful. SWFT hopes to sprinkle some magic to an environment that can be scary for children and their parents, creating a space that is as soothing and relaxed as possible. Your help will support them to fund new furniture, furnishings, books, and toys for the Children’s waiting area and overall, you will help them to create a safe space to wait in their emergency. The list goes on in the ways this local charity helps to enrich our local healthcare and I imagine your donations will help that list to keep growing.

SWFT is one of the 5 charities that will benefit from Warwickshire’s Summer 2020 Charity Raffle! So if you’d like to help support SWFT’s mission and also be in with the chance to win over £1,000 worth of prizes, then CLICK HERE to donate as little as £5 for 10 tickets to take part!!!!

Or if you’d like to donate directly to SWFT, you can do so by clicking HERE!