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Aer Alpha provides creative solutions for aerial services, marketing, branding and digital media. Founded by Larissa Ellis-Jones and Andrew Ead, creating long lasting connections is the driving force behind this dynamic duo. With creative backgrounds supporting them and a passion for combining their hobbies with giving back to their community, Aer Alpha was formed in March 2020.

Developing an early grasp of entrepreneurial skills, Larissa and Andrew have been able to build strong connections with corporations across the UK, including clients across Warwickshire. So, whilst they reside down in coastal Cornwall capturing some beautiful footage for their clients (see video below), they also have a base and history here in Warwickshire.

Larissa was born and bred in Rugby, raised by hard working parents with successful businesses themselves. Drawing on her upbringing and natural desire to create, Larissa began offering services to her parent’s enterprises from an early age, including product photography and managing their social media accounts. Both Andrew and Larissa’s parents work with large corporations and their businesses were some of the first to use Aer Alpha’s services. Check out the fantastic footage they captured at one of their Warwickshire events…

Celebrating her love for media and design, Larissa continued to develop her skills at Plymouth University and then began working in marketing and digital communications. But it was outside of work that Andrew and Larissa were able to combine their passions to form Aer Alpha.

Andrew is a big fan of everything aviation and aircrafts, as well as being a huge people person. With a background in performance and musical theatre, his exceptional interpersonal skills allowed him to create long lasting connections across the coast. Developing ties with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and working with the HM Coast Guard gave Andrew the chance to combine his love for capturing footage on his drone and our beloved coastline.

Andrew is CAA and A2of C Certified to fly drones, capturing content which Larissa could then edit gave them the opportunity to merge their hobbies and passions.

Aer Alpha offers aerial and marketing services for any size business. With a focus on local business and small, start up enterprises, Larissa and Andrew told us “At the heart of everything we wanted to provide a creative affordable service to businesses like ours and give everyone a chance to be like the Amazons and Audi’s of the world, whilst simultaneously creating our own community.”

Community is part of the core values of Aer Alpha; from their supportive network of family and friends, Warwickshire’s rich community of small businesses, family ties in Wales and Yorkshire and their coastal community in Cornwall.

As such, giving back and investing in the local community runs through their services. Their profits are shared with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and Cornwall Air Ambulance, as well as invested in local businesses and charities. For their printing service, they use a local print shop which sources only recycled printing materials and if you would like your photographs framed, Andrew and Larissa source their frames from a local carpenter who uses recycled materials.

“Everything is covered with Aer Alpha. The skies, the ground and even underwater if you should desire. Plus the full production works, pre, post and editing services, design, animation, graphics, print and branding. You need it, we can do it.”

Their range of aerial services include site mapping, photography, event coverage, agricultural content, promotional videos and much more.

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But this creative production service doesn’t stop there; offering a bespoke/ individual service to which they will work on a wide variety of creative projects, from event photography, family photo days, creative days with Aer Alpha or any other ideas you have. Larissa and Andrew love getting stuck into your ideas and bringing them to life.

The Covid-19 pandemic gave Larissa and Andrew the opportunity to put all their energies into their new business, giving them the freedom to delve into their creativity and invest time in building on their aspirations. With a positive and forward thinking attitude, they knew many other start up businesses would benefit from support creating valuable branding and marketing content.

With many others taking the time during the pandemic to recreate or start working on their business goals, Larissa and Andrew wanted to support those small businesses in any of their creative goals so they have adapted to provide any creative service they can.

Working with Aer Alpha on any of their digital, media and aerial services is really about building a relationship with the cofounders. Larissa and Andrew love getting to know their customers on a personal level, building relationships which can last a long time. Rather than providing you with a one off design service, you will find yourself making friends for life. So, if you are looking for branding, marketing and graphic design support or you are interested in creating something unique with their aerial services, you couldn’t find two people more passionate and interested in helping you.

Andrew and Larissa utilise their passion for people and creativity to provide exceptional marketing & design services, drone and aerial services, prints, merchandise and branding services for businesses and individuals. Their enthusiastic approach to new ideas runs through all their offerings and you will be left feeling confident that their expertise and passion will bring your ideas to life.

Look out for Aer Alpha’s upcoming collaboration with Warwickshire’s Just The Tonic, offering mindful retreats with photography and videography sessions facilitated by Andrew and Larissa at Aer Alpha.

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Written by Heather Marie Willis