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Beautiful Handmade Soft Furnishings

JuebagsJuebags was inspired by an episode of Money for Nothing. Juliet Claridge, the founder, and owner of Juebags, fondly recalls two paintings that hung on the walls of her Nan’s house as a child. These paintings became the driving force behind the creation of Juebags. Juliet’s Nan loved the paintings that hung throughout her home and it struck a chord with Juliet; in 2018, her business was born with her nan’s favourite paintings as the inspiration for Juebags’ first-ever product.As a Warwickshire native, Juliet’s love for the vibrancy of the area and the opportunities available meant that Juebags’ home base would be local too. As a sole trader, she prides herself in her attention to detail when producing unique, quality products and it shows. Each bag is handmade, in Juliet’s home, adding a sentimental touch to every product that is ordered, packaged and sent out to her customers.


Currently, Juliet’s best seller is her Cuddle book pillow; a unique, bespoke item that has an Easter or Christmas book in them. The product was such a huge success that the book, which was written by Juliet’s Mum, caught the attention of a publishing house. Juliet is excited about the future of Juebags, knowing that her personal touch allows her to reach parents and grandparents all over the UK. This allows her the chance to bring enrichment and joy to her customers.

The excellent quality, fabulous designs, and bold fabric choices make Juebags products a must-have. We can see big things coming for this creative and business savvy owner in the future. Within the next year, Juliet plans to continue the growth of her customer base, but also to have her handmade cushions and pillows featured in selected stores, offering a different method of purchasing her product and allowing her to reach a larger audience. With all these big plans and exciting opportunities on the horizon, it is also important to highlight the journey Juliet has been on to get to where she is today.

JuebagsIn 2010, Juliet was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia, which can cause debilitating pain. Rather than endure the side effects of pain medication, Juliet decided to manage the pain in a holistic and natural way. We can’t begin to imagine how tough you would need to be to make such a brave move to holistic therapies but Juliet, we salute you. This passionate individual has been able to overcome a lot on her journey to starting Juebags. There are good days and bad days, but Juliet’s illness and her love for her Juebags have taught her how to actively manage her pain, which makes every product that comes from this company all the more special. As a sole proprietor, it can be rather frustrating to see mass-produced, cheaply made items hit the stores at a fraction of the cost. However, Juliet’s beautiful, hand made products provide more than anything mass-produced; they all come with her personal touch, attention to detail and love for creating. And her customers certainly seem to value the quality, time and personal touch that goes into every one of her products.

Juebags can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as at their growing Etsy Shop. For an updated listing of Juebags’ products, be sure to follow her on social media for regular updates and pricing. For quality products, exceptional service and inspirational everyday gifting and home décor, Juliet at Juebags will give you everything you are looking for.

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