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Paper Personalities UK, based in Ryton on Dunsmore, first began in 2014. Owner and curator of all products, Helen Sutton utilised her years of experience working in retail to develop a personalised handmade cards company that puts the customer experience at the forefront of its goals. Ensuring high-quality designs and providing a good service are the foundations to Paper Personalities’ success. Helen’s background in retail specifically focused on working in gift shops and card shops, which is where her idea for Paper Personalities UK began to flourish. Helen described to us how this came to fruition; “I kept noticing a gap in the market for various titles on cards, having to turn customers away because we didn’t have what they wanted.” This gap in the market sparked Helen’s creative flair and soon enough, she was producing her own unique designs and supplying them to a variety of local shops, including the shop she was working in at the time.

Helen has now celebrated her first full year of self-employment as her sales online continue to grow. Her individual style adds for something extra in the handmade market, as well as providing a bespoke service for personalised cards and combining age and relation cards. Browsing through Paper Personalities’ website, you can easily find what type of card you are looking for. Prepare to be dazzled by the ranges available; we especially love the designs Helen produces for her pop up cards. The intricate details highlight this business owner’s love for creating. You can get your hands on some of Helen’s fun products, such as her “Best of British” range, via her website, Etsy and Amazon stores (links below) and they can also be found at local craft fairs and card shops. Checking out some of her customer’s reviews on Facebook, it is evident that Helen’s originality is what everybody loves.

We absolutely adore Helen’s passion for her business and love to celebrate another female business owner who takes on every role within the running of her company. This obviously doesn’t come without its difficulties; Helen expressed to us that she does struggle to juggle everything. After all, she is only human! Helen’s desire to create and craft can sometimes be overshadowed by other responsibilities, such as managing her website and communicating with her customers. However, the support she receives from her loving family and friends helps to keep her motivated and doing what she loves the most. Helen told us she thinks about how lucky she is every day. But we think she deserves more credit than just luck! Putting everything she can into her handmade card company, Helen invests her time and passion to ensure its success.

Looking forward, Helen has set goals to work towards in order to continue the growth of Paper Personalities UK. She plans to continue establishing her online presence, as well as making improvements to her website. We can’t wait to see how her ideas develop this year as Paper Personalities UK continues to grow.


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