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Raise The Bars Rugby is a community-focused personal training service like no other. Seeing a need for a person-centered fitness experience, Tracy McLaren set up Raise The Bars to support those struggling with their mental health and help them find a way back into taking care of themselves, in a constructive and supportive environment.

​Too often, we see large fitness corporations opening across the Midlands which do not focus on a person’s mental well-being, as well as their physical health. Tracy set up Raise The Bars at the beginning of this year, with the help of her husband and two daughters, to focus on the community in which she was raised. Raise The Bars not only provides a service which empowers individuals but also, takes into consideration the need for families to be together. Their community-focused business allows children from as young as six to train alongside their parents.

This environment promotes well-being for all the family, in all areas. We love their passion for their community and their business model only encourages more activities to be taken part by a whole family. With such an opportunity available in the Rugby area, we can imagine the swarms of families taking part and becoming passionate about their overall well-being. We expect this will only promote youngsters to be aware of their mental health and physical health, and as a result learn steps to improve and maintain!

This fitness and gym studio makes taking care of yourself and your family a priority. They are a gym which focuses on mind, body and soul. With opportunities to exercise with your loved ones, personal training and group personal training, Raise The Bars offers something for everyone. Their Group personal training opportunity allows individuals to bond, support one another and develop their team-building skills. Their customers tend to be a part of families or individuals struggling with their mental health.

By working closely with organisations such as MIND and This Is Me, Tracy has been able to develop a supportive and caring environment, which provides guidance not only with fitness, but with other everyday issues.

This family-run gym has been relying on their personal touch, word of mouth and their social media to spread their message. They have been gradually growing their customer base since opening only six months ago and we hope their future will include the opportunity to support more residents in the Warwickshire area.

Tracy does not want to grow her business in size, but more in her output. She is hoping to see Raise The Bars to be picked by locals over the large corporate style gyms in the area; with the hope of giving back to the community, she loves dearly. She would also like Raise The Bars to include a food preparation business, in which she can hope to support and guide individuals further. We can’t wait to see the amazing things this supportive gym does next!