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Amoreantos, based in Rugby, offer something unique and special which we know you will admire for years to come. We have been lucky enough to chat with Abbi Head, owner and Design Partner at Amoreantos. Her jewellery design business is one-year young and a collaboration between Abbi and her partner, Tim. Their name is a derivate of the Italian word for “love” (amore) and the Greek name meaning “unfading” (Amarantos). Previously living in Greece Tim made and sold his jewellery, Abbi with her background in visual communication found a pleasure in Italy for photography. Together they draw on their passion for both countries in their unique designs. Their sterling silver designs tell a story which allow you to wear a meaningful declaration around your neck. Check out their website to see some of their revolutionary designs.

Abbi made the decision to transition her hobby into a business when she received praise for her designs from X Factor contestant, Giovanni Spano. He can be seen to wear their Agapitós pendant at one of his concerts! She applied for Warwickshire’s Creative Springboard programme and turned her business into a reality. Now, she has big plans for her next 12 months of business so watch out! Abbi and Tim have been working closely with other strategic partners who help to keep the cogs of Amoreantos turning; including NexGen Precision Casting for the casting and polishing of their beautiful pendants in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Robin from RA Design to create their pendants on CAD software and support with their online site.​

Abbi and Tim pride themselves in being a part of the Warwickshire business community, as it allows for a diverse and eclectic mix of individuals with a variety of creative skills. Amoreantos fits in well with this community, providing bold statement unisex jewellery that celebrates the free spirit nature of such individuals. Amoreantos strapline reflects this in the message “Untamed Silver.” Alongside their beautiful designs, each pendant style is provided with a Greek and English name which tells its story. For example, their first hallmarked piece is called Aspίda, means shield and describes protection. This signature piece can be seen being worn by Wolf Jaw’s drummer, Karl Selickis! Check out their Instagram for more images.

With customers from a range of backgrounds, the quality of each sterling silver pendant and the stories attached to them keeps bringing each customer back for more. In only a year, through sales from their website, Etsy, and various craft fairs, Amoreantos have created a community of supporters worldwide, who regularly back their Kick-starter campaigns.

In the next year, Amoreantos plans to develop their business into local shops and take part in NatWest’s Accelerator Programme. This is Abbi’s first business and she is keen to generate further sales online, as well as developing their community of customers; the only way is up for this wonderful business.

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