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Becoming a Female Boss – Inspire, Achieve & Celebrate with Women in Business

After chatting with Woman Who founder Sandra Garlick MBE, we’re celebrating sisterhood in business this weekend! Woman Who was set up in 2016 to create a network of female empowered business role models.

We can’t believe someone had the cheek to tell Sandra it would never take off. If they hadn’t, this inspiring entrepreneur would have probably set up shop ten years earlier. But regardless, Woman Who has provided dedicated support for female entrepreneurs for over 5 years now and Sandra’s community just keeps growing! 

Sandra was given some much needed time to stop and reflect on her ambitions after she broke her ankle back in 2016. Sandra practised as a qualified Business and Employment Law Solicitor until a merger in her business gave her the opportunity to realign her goals.

She had always been passionate about working with more women in business, providing opportunities for networking and connecting with other business owners. And so, with passion and determination to follow her dreams, Woman Who was born. 

As a qualified coach and mentor, Sandra provides exceptional support for women in business, wherever they are on their business journey. She utilises her own experiences and expert knowledge to provide inspiration for women in business, supporting them to power up their personal brand and improve their visibility.

Whatever highs and lows that come with owning your own business, Sandra mentors women to build confidence to tackle the toughest of problems and to celebrate all the achievements! 

With the support of her wonderful son, Sandra has been able to host events across Warwickshire and online to celebrate the incredible work of female entrepreneurs all over the UK. Giving this people-powered business owner the opportunity to host events, deliver inspiring speeches and network, Sandra told us how much she has valued her son’s input from day one and how he even manages her award events so she has the freedom to really connect with other business owners. 

Woman Who events feature keynote speakers who share their business challenges and achievements, inspiring others to work through their own. Sandra takes advantage of some of the very best venues in Warwickshire to host her events. She told us how much she adores living and working where she has brought up her family; her roots firmly placed in our beloved region, it’s no wonder our community of female business owners is thriving! 

But some things have just about survived through the pandemic and Sandra told us just how much Covid-19 has affected Woman Who. With all events being cancelled over the last 18 months, Sandra was forced to alter the direction of Woman Who and like most of us, she made use of technology to connect with her customers.

The Woman Who Achieves Academy is an online space for women across the UK to connect, network and collaborate with one another. This one off subscription gives you life access to opportunities with Woman Who, including the chance to speak at future events, features in the annual publication of ‘I Am A Woman Who’ and group mentoring support. 

Sandra told us how overjoyed she has been to see this online platform become such a strong community of support and collaborations, with it completely exceeding her expectations. Sandra has been utilising Zoom for workshops, networking events, mentoring and even her awards ceremony last year.

You can take part in her Let’s Get Visible Workshop online as well as connecting with others at the Woman Who Inspires Network on the first Monday of each month which is currently running online, giving you the chance to connect and collaborate with other female business owners. Sandra told us how excited she is for these events to return to venues in Warwickshire from September, giving people the chance to meet up and connect in person. 

If you are a woman in business looking for more visibility, in search of a supportive network of female entrepreneurs to learn from, collaborate with or just for some honest advice and support, Woman Who is perfect for you. Sandra provides tailored mentorship to each and every one of her Academy subscribers, ensuring the support and resources you have access to are relevant for your needs.

And if you would be interested in sharing your story as part of your Woman Who journey, Sandra’s Woman Who Speaks public speaker training will give you the confidence and support to share your personal brand in public.

The Woman Who Achieves Academy and Academy Lite have been a great way to grow her sisterhood of business owners throughout the pandemic, providing them with a platform for support and connection.

The Academy Lite is aimed for women just starting out in business, giving them the chance to learn and build their confidence in their ideas and story. Woman Who Achieves Academy Lite is available at just £97 plus VAT and is perfect for anyone unable to commit to the full Academy package. 

There are so many ways you can get involved with Woman Who this year. It’s your last chance this weekend to enter for this year’s Woman Who Achieves Awards 2021, applications close tomorrow (Sunday 25th July) and the Awards will be held at Coombe Abbey on Friday 1st October 2021 for Woman Who’s Sixth Anniversary Conference and Awards!

Check out this year’s 2021 Awards Categories here.  We can’t wait to see the celebrations of this year’s woman powered awards and the future of Woman Who’s growing community. 

For more information about Woman Who’s events, programmes and services visit their website here and be sure to follow them on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn for regular inspiration, empowerment and opportunities to connect!

Written by Heather